Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering

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      It designs mechanisms and products, improves manufacturing processes, ensures the quality of machines...

      About the Bachelor’s degree

      ¿Do you want to learn more about the mechanical technology used in industry and in our daily lives? ¿Would you like to design mechanisms and products, improve manufacturing processes or ensure the quality and safety of machines? Then mechanical engineering is your path.

      You will be able to broaden your training with the double Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering + Industrial Design Engineering, and become trained to develop products.


      Mechanical technology

      Training focused on mechanical technology and geared towards mechanism design, improvement of manufacturing processes, quality and machine safety


      Automotive and machine tools industry

      A professional profile in great demand in the automotive and machine tool industry, with a large presence in the Basque Country


      100% of our students do internships

      Agreements with more than 125 companies in the engineering sector


      93% of students are satisfied

      with their engineering studies and 8 out of 10 students of Deusto Engineering recommend Deusto

      • Campus:

        Bilbao Campus

      • Programme name:

        Mechanical Engineering

      • Duration/credits:

        4 years 240 ECTS - 240 ECTS

      • Language

        Spanish - Basque - English

      • Number of places


      • Programme type

        Face to face

      • Application process:

        Admission: from January 17th to February 28th

      • Additional information:

        Dual pathway

      • Faculty:

      • Share:

      2022-23 ACADEMIC YEAR


      Choose the degrees and double degrees you are interested in, register now and don't miss your place.

      Mechanical EngineeringWhy choose this Bachelor’s degree

      What does this degree offer me?

      You will acquire training in the wide range of activities currently carried out by Industrial Technical Engineers and, at the same time, a high level of specialisation as required by industry for engineers, specifically in the area of mechanics.

      Will I be able to complement it with a Master's degree?

      After completing the Bachelor’s degree, you can also complete your training with the Master's in Automotive Design and Manufacturing or the Master's in Industrial Engineering. This will qualify you for the legally regulated profession of industrial engineer and it has very broad professional competences.

      Will I be able to do a double degree?

      You will be able to broaden your training with the double degree in Mechanical Engineering + Industrial Design Engineering, and be able to develop products and services that combine technological performance with aesthetic, cultural, functional, environmental and quality features.



      Career opportunities

      Increased demand is estimated for automation, robotics and electronics and innovation profiles, as well as those combined with process optimisation and quality(Labour Market Guide, HAYS, 2019)


      High demand for engineers

      There is a growing demand for highly skilled engineers for new 21st century developments with high added value. Especially in highly industrialised regions.


      Facts about the professions of the future

      1,250,000 tech jobs will be created in Spain by 2022, according to Randstad Research


      Industria 4.0

      The Basque Government is committed to the incorporation of intelligence systems in production means and systems. That is why it has developed a specific Basque Industry 4.0 strategy. 


      What professional profile do companies need?

      Data Analytics, cloud computing, big data, social networks, Internet of Things, cyber-physical systems, mobility... are all trends for tech firms to exploit 

      Our students tell you about it

      In first person


      I chose this Bachelor's degree because I’m interested in structures and buildings, which play a key role in this field of engineering. The more I learn, the more I’m enjoying these studies

      Nora Cremades

      Student Class of 2020

      engineering_MECHANICAL internship

      From the start everything has been very practical. We are already learning how to use the different machines in the laboratory.

      Julia Gruber

      Student Class of 2020


      The university attaches great importance to employability and it offers internships with the option to stay afterwards.

      Kevin Cifuentes



      DeustoTech has allowed me to put everything I have learnt into practice. There is nothing like developing a project that will be used by real users

      Aitor Brazaola



      Los conocimientos teóricos son fundamentales, pero es en los laboratorios cuando descubrimos cómo aplicar la teoría a casos prácticos. Tienes la opción de crear, de diseñar...

      Itziar Losa

      Alumna de ingeniería

      Te contamos la experiencia de nuestro alumnado

      ¿En qué trabajan nuestros estudiantes?

      Propiedades de materiales, estructuras, sistemas mecánicos...

      Find out more about the Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering

      Find out more...

      How do I know if this degree is for me?

      Candidate profile

      Technological baccalaureate

      Candidates should have acquired the competences required for Spanish baccalaureate studies.

      A vocation for service to society and a commitment to upholding the basic rights and values of a culture of peace and democracy,

      A capacity for work, continuously striving to achieve the goals set and the ability to work under pressure at certain times.

      An interest in working in laboratories, handling electronic instrumentation and creating new devices.

      An adequate level of self-knowledge, maturity and the ability to form interprofessional relationships.

      A committed attitude to the teaching-learning process, in an environment of continuous assessment.

      Those interested in this programme should have a good level of knowledge of physics, chemistry, mathematics and English, and should also have the followin skills:

      • Reasoning capacity
      • Creativity and imagination
      • Spatial vision
      • Capacity to plan and organise
      • An interest in new technologies






      If you are going to study at the University of Deusto, you can benefit from our grant aid. We will give you information about the eligibility criteria and the range of grants promoted by other organisations.


      Enjoy Deusto

      Enjoy the university experience with Deusto Campus

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      Quality Management System (QMS)

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      Verification, monitoring and accreditation

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      Mechanical Engineering

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