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    If you are interested in the world of business, international trade and languages

    About the Bachelor’s degree

    The global economic and social environment is becoming increasingly complex and has an impact on business decision-making. Would you like to learn how to analyse and manage it?

    Would you like to be able to interact and communicate in several languages both in national and international contexts?

    If positive, this degree suits you!


    A versatile profile

    We train professionals with a versatile profile, an aspect that is highly valued by companies due to the changing environment in which we live. 



    Professionals in high demand

    The figures back us up; according to the Lanbide study (January 2021) we have a 93% employment rate for our graduates.


    Multilingual degree

    You will learn English and a second foreign language. 

    We work in small groups adapted to different levels of knowledge.


    Design your future

    Each student will design their own path and future project. The academic training of the degree opens many doors if you want to continue expanding your curriculum with a postgraduate degree.

    • Campus:

      Bilbao Campus

    • Programme name:

      Management Languages and International Trade

    • Duration/credits:

      4 years - 240 ECTS

    • Combinations:

      International Trade Skills

    • Language

      Spanish - Basque - English

    • Number of places

      65 places

    • Programme type

      On campus

    • Application process:

      Extraordinary period: 18 May - 2 June

    • Faculty:

      Social and Human Sciences
    • Share:



    The extraordinary application period for the 2023-24 academic year will be open from 18 May to 2 June 2023.

    Find out about the steps to follow to process your application through the virtual office, the required documentation and the additional access requirements for some studies.

    An in-depth look at the degree

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    An in-depth look at the degree


    Dr Lorena Ronda, coordinator of the Bachelor's Degree in Management, Languages and International Trade, tells us about the degree, and gives us an overview of the course syllabus, career opportunities, mobility scheme, internships and student profile.

    Don't miss the video!

    Complement your Bachelor’s degree with...

    Find out about our Deusto degree programme

    Management, Languages and International Trade + International Trade Skills

    Es un complemento al grado, con el fin de que nuestro alumnado obtenga un refuerzo en su perfil académico y conseguir de ese modo profesionales más competitivos

    Más información

    Management, Languages and International Trade

    Keys to choosing this programme



    It prepares you to be able to mediate and communicate between different economies and cultures, which are essential skills in today's globalised markets.



    Training in
    business management

    With which you will acquire all the necessary techniques to go deeper into different organisational areas and departments.




    You will be able to plan, develop and coordinate international actions according to the internationalisation strategy defined by the company or organisation.


    International profile

    75% of the subjects are taught in English. You will also study a 2nd foreign language (French, German or Chinese).  An international profile that is completed with a stay abroad.


    Compulsory internships

    We have a wide network of service companies, import-export companies, law firms, consultancies, etc., with international activity, which you can choose as a destination for your internship experience. 



    The programme gives you access to a wide range of master's degrees: Marketing, Human Resources, International Trade, Business Communication and Supply Chain Management, among others.

    Inés Gómez de Iturriaga. Studying for my degree allowed me to lay the foundations to be able to specialise in business management and international trade.

    Studying for my degree allowed me to lay the foundations to be able to specialise in business management and international trade.

    Inés Gómez de IturriagaGraduate
    María Uriarte. I finished my degree doing an internship in a multinational company and now I am studying for a master's degree in international business.

    I finished my degree doing an internship in a multinational company and now I am studying for a master's degree in international business.

    María UriarteGraduate

    Grants and Student finance


    Grants and Student finance

    If you are going to study at the University of Deusto, you can benefit from our grant aid. We will give you information about the eligibility criteria and the range of grants promoted by other organisations.


    Student finance

    Requirements fulfilled


    Admission criteria

    See information


    Academic regulations

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    Quality Management System (QMS)

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    Verification, monitoring and accreditation

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    Suggestions and complaints

    To improve our services and activities

    Enjoy Deusto

    Enjoy the university experience with Deusto Campus

    Faith, solidarity, culture and sports activities

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    Campus Bilbao: 
    Avenida de las Universidades 24, 48007 Bilbao

    Contact us:
    944 139




    Management Languages and International Trade

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