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About the Master’s degree

A program to understand the world and learn to build relationships that mitigate risks and identify new business partnerships and opportunities.

You will focus on acquiring theoretical and practical skills and competencies to understand the operation of international relations and promote business abroad, using diplomatic channels and processes, both in the public and private sectors.

This program provides the skills needed to include diplomacy as a key management tool. You will play a key role in understanding the new role of companies, closing the gap between commercial activities and the management of socio-political issues.



Get the skills needed to include diplomacy as a key management tool and play a key role in operating business in a complex VUCA world



Build your career in business internationalization in companies and public institutions


Learning system

Benefit from an innovative learning system focused on practical experience and case analysis


Work placement

Train your future by participating in work placements supervised by experts with extensive experience.

  • Campus:

    Bilbao Campus

  • Programme name:

    International Relations and Business Diplomacy

  • Duration/credits:

    2 semesters - 60 ECTS

  • Language


  • Number of places


  • Programme type

    On campus

  • Application process:

    Last edition of the 2023-2024 academic year

  • Additional information:

    4 afternoons/week

  • Faculty:

    Social and Human Sciences
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Iñigo ArbiolIcono para el play del video

Our aim is to provide future professionals with the skills they need

Iñigo Arbiol Former Director and Professor of the Master in International Relations and Business Diplomacy
Josu Ugarte

More outside is more diplomacy is the most important function in internationalization and global positioning processes

Josu UgarteCEO Schneider Electric Iberia
Maryam Luzarraga

In a global environment, the management of stakeholders, impacts and risks is a key for companies. We train professionals and leaders with the kn...

Maryam LuzarragaFormer PWC partner. Expert on strategies for public sector transformation

Why should you choose this program?



Designed by an international council of public and private sectors employers, scholars and high-level experts.



100% guaranteed international work placement at leading institutions and companies. 



Over 80% of our students employed in the first 6 months after graduation



Benefit from an innovative learning focused on practical experience and case analysis



A country committed to a culture of internationalization, open and ambitious in its aim to consolidate itself as a benchmark on the international stage.

Students profile

Who is it for?

University graduates who plan to develop their career in business internationalization through innovative training by international scholars and experts in a multicultural academic environment.

Professionals, currently working at companies and public institutions in the field of international business promotion, who need to enhance their professional profile with advanced training in new strategies and tools that take into account the latest lessons learned, advances and experiences.

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Alumni stories

Martin Schaefter

Entirely English taught program receiving top-level worldwide professionals, the master’s degree has been an enriching experience that provided me with the competences to understand global relations.

Sandra del Campo

Class of 2021.

Bilbao City Council – Bilbao Ekintza
Martin Schaefter

It is a Master that creates a perspective and vision for the future that is highly practice-oriented. It does not only open your perspective on how international business works, but in my case it has also had a direct impact on my day-to-day work.

Martin Schaefter

Orona. Class of 2021
Naia Begiristain

The Master has made me grow professionally within the international business development area, doing my internship in an internationalizing fashion industry company.

Naia Begiristain

Orkestra. Class of 2021
Diana Dudek

This master’s degree has offered me the possibility of deepening the internationalization of public-private relations, and how this fits within a framework shaped by the current geopolitical, competitive and sustainability keys

Diana Dudek

European Commission. Class of 2021
Mikel Gaztañaga

In an increasingly competitive, complex and unstable global environment, this master’s program has offered me optimal training for its interpretation and conceptualization, providing it with key analytical-operational skills for my professional future i

Mikel Gaztañaga

Orkestra. Class of 2021

In a gradually evolving world, this master’s degree taught me not only how to conceptualise geopolitical issues but also how to critically analyse them, giving me the necessary tools for my future in business diplomacy


Class of 2022

Miller Wells

The master’s degree cultivates competences which allow for a deeper understanding of business in both the public and private sector while also providing the students with one-on-one contact with experts in the field coming from a wide array of backgroun

Miller Wells

Class of 2022

International Relations and Business Diplomacy

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International Relations and Business Diplomacy

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