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    General Health Psychology

    About the Master’s degree

    This master's degree in General Health Psychology is of a qualifying nature and prepares students to practise psychologyin the health field, for example:

    • Consultations
    • Assessment centres
    • Detoxification centres
    • Patients’ associations
    • Etc.

    It is the prerequisite for opening a psychology centre.

    According to the seventh additional provision on the Regulation of Psychology in the health field, pursuant to law 33/2011, of 4 October, on General Public Health, BOE 240 of 5 October 2011, Psychology graduates must take this degree to be able to practice the health profession called General Health Psychologist.


    Practical orientation

    Internships (30 ECTS) are carried out in accredited centres and establishments under the supervision of professionals from the sector.


    Learning from experience

    Students will benefit from the extensive teaching and research experience of the Faculty of Psychology and Education in the health field.

    • Campus:

      Bilbao Campus

    • Programme name:

      General Health Psychology

    • Duration/credits:

      One year and a half - 90 ECTS

    • Language


    • Number of places


    • Programme type

      On campus

    • Application process:

      Admission process open

    • Faculty:

      Health Sciences
    • Share:

    2022-2023 academic year

    Admission process

    The application period for postgraduate studies will be from 15 March to 31 May

    Find out about the steps to follow to process your application through the virtual office.

    General Health Psychology

    A journey through the profession


    General Health Psychology

    A journey through the profession

    In 2003 , the so-called LOPS (Law 44/2003) regulated  health professions , which did not include psychology as a health profession, but only recognised specialists in clinical psychology with a PIR (Resident Intern Psychologist)qualification.

    As a consequence, by law, psychologists were not allowed to work in health care settings, such as clinics, examination centres, rehabilitation centres, associations for the sick, among others.

    In the process of approval of the Public Health Law, the Spanish Congress of Deputies admitted an amendment to the law in an additional provision creating the professional figure of the general psychologist in the health sphere (22/09/2011, BOE 5/10/2011).

    Specialised resources

    In your learning, you will have the Deusto Psych Unit available to you. This R&D&I Unit in Psychology and Health is equipped with the latest technology in psychophysiological instruments, virtual reality, assessment and psychodiagnosis, rehabilitation, and has large spaces and facilities.

    Marta González’s testimonial on the Master's Degree in General Health Psychology

    The Master's degree has given me a more comprehensive vision of our career, in its broadest and "healthiest" sense.

    Nora RubíMaster’s degree in General Health Psychology

    Who is this programme designed for?

    This programme is for you if...

    You have a degree in Psychology

    You must have adegree in Psychology.

    As approved at the REACU meeting held on 15 January 2020 on the conditions of access to the master's degree in general health psychology after the incorporation of the specialism in health psychology to the curricula of the degree in psychology according to the order cnu/1309/2018, it is decided that Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and the Licenciado en Psicología degree issued in Spain prior to the order CNU/1309/2018, have the necessary requirements for access to the Master's degree in General Health Psychology. Therefore, the holders of these degrees cannot be excluded from the selection processes, nor do they require additional courses.

    Having a B2 certificate in English will be an asset (graduates in Psychology from the University of Deusto are exempt from submitting it).

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    General Health Psychology

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