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    We bring you closer to professional practice


    The internships will enable students to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during the undergraduate programme as they experience the world of work and improve their CVs, giving them an edge on the job market. The Faculty has signed numerous agreements and students will be offered an internship fits their needs and interests.

    All the host centres that work with the practical training for the Master's degree in General Health Psychology comply with the requirements established in the regulatory order of the Master's degree ECD/1070/2013.

    The collaborating centres include the Basque Health System (mental health network and general hospitals), private clinics and surgeries , private hospitals , foundations and associations.

    See the internship host centres.


    The internships take place in the second semester of the 1st year and in the first semester of the 2nd year. 

    Some internships, with the academic consent of the host centre, may be completed intensively during the first academic year of the Master's degree or during the summer months.

    The University is ultimately responsible for the allocation of internships, deciding which students are best qualified for each placement.

    When making this decision, the University takes into account the requirements that the host centre may recommend (i.e. knowledge of languages, student's location of residence...), the student's interests, the student's previous background (indicated by the student in the pre-enrolment form) and his/her academic record .

    Places will be allocated to students by the tutors of each educational track.

    Clinical supervision consists of a clinical-teaching professor, with extensive experience in clinical intervention assisting the student on the Master 's degree in General Health Psychology to reflect on their theoretical knowledge focusing on intervention and also on the assessment of their personal competences, and relational and communicational skills.

    In this learning experience, the Supervising Lecturer analyses a clinical case, its diagnosis, therapeutic techniques and the therapeutic process itself, together with the student. The proposed supervision model is based on the integral biopsychosocial model, with an integrative approach.


    Internship structure


    Prácticas I

    ECTS: 12

    Duración: 240h de estancia en el centro y 60h de tutorías en la Universidad y trabajo personal del alumnado.

    Semestre: Segundo semestre (Primer curso)


    Prácticas II

    ECTS: 12

    Duración: 240h de estancia en el centro y 60h de tutorías en la Universidad y trabajo personal del alumnado.

    Semestre: Primer semestre (Segundo curso)


    Prácticas III

    ECTS: 6

    Duración: 120h de estancia en el centro y 30h de tutorías en la Universidad y trabajo personal del alumnado.

    Semestre: Primer semestre (Segundo curso)

    Marta González’s testimonial on the Master's Degree in General Health Psychology

    Clinical supervision is an excellent opportunity to test, practise and improve our skills.

    Marta GonzálezMaster’s degree in General Health Psychology

    General Health Psychology

    Career Opportunities

    • Private practice of the profession of general health psychologist.
    • Diagnosis and intervention with mental health disorders in general.
    • Residential units forthe elderly.
    • Psychosocial rehabilitation of chronically ill patients.
    • Addictiontreatment centres.
    • Associations for persons with different diseases.
    • Private sectorhealth care facilities.
    • Social and health care centres forchildren and young peoplespecialising in various psychopathological disorders
    • Neuropsychologydiagnosis and rehabilitation units.
    • Private sectorfertility units: diagnostic and treatment services for couples with childbearing difficulties.