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Work areas


Reading rooms

To access these rooms for individual study, you'll need to borrow a study place.

Bilbao Campus: 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor (600 study places). San Sebastian Campus: First floor of Larramendi building (124 study places).


Group Study Rooms

Devoted to group study (up to 6 people). Booking in advance is required.

Bilbao campus: 14 rooms, located on the three mezzanines. 
San Sebastian campus: 21 rooms. Rooms 8, 13 and 20 are available for lecturers or researchers.


Research carrels

Bilbao campus: 33 research carrels equipped with desks, shelves, an electric power point, network and IP telephone connection.

San Sebastian Campus: Second floor of the Larramendi building, 18 study places equipped with desk, shelves, an electric power point and network connection.

Researchers and lecturers should send their request for a carrel to DEIKER:


Reference room / Media centre (Bilbao campus)

Reference Room: 40 study places (borrowing required) with workstation and network connection to check e-resources and carry out individual academic activities and projects.

Media Centre: audiovisual collections and other non-library materials in different formats, with a number of workstations to browse the collections.


Workshops and Seminars (Bilbao campus)

Workshops: 9 workshops located on the three mezzanines (4 to 12 people each). They can be booked by academic, research and administrative staff. Their aim is to provide spaces to hold support, tutorial and training sessions for small groups.

Seminars: 3 seminars, one on each floor (28 people each). Intended to hold training sessions, they can be booked by academic, research and administrative staff.


Additional spaces (San Sebastián campus)

Reading room: Read the press, browse new books and print journals.

Break room: for brief study pauses and/or to have a coffee/drink.

Study place loan


- Personal and non-transferable card

- Loan: 4 hours + 2 hours (renew your booking from Océano)

- Always return the borrowed study place

- Please use your assigned study place only

- Keep silence and appropriate behaviour in the room.


A valid University of Deusto Card or Friends of the Library Card.

Loan terms

Loans: At the library service desk in the foyer or at the self-service station.


  • Bilbao campus: Return Box
  • San Sebastian campus: Library service desk in the foyer.

Renewals: By logging in to Océano, through the personal space, you can extend your loan for a further 7 days, starting 3 days before the due date, as long as there are no reservation requests for these books.


  • You can reserve books on loan through Océano.
  • You cannot make a reservation if you have another copy of the same book on loan or reserved, or if you have been penalised.
  • When the item is available for you to borrow you will be notified by email on your @opendeusto or @deusto account. Once you have been notified, the item will be available for loan until the Library’s closing time on the following day.
  • Laptops will be loaned for a maximum of 4 hours. You can renew a loan for a further 2 hours at Océano. In any case, they must be returned half an hour before the Library closing time.
  • A new loan can be made if there are other items available for loan upon return.
  • Laptops will be loaned for academic use only.
  • Laptop loan terms and conditions

To access the Reading Rooms, Reference Room or Study room, you need to borrow a study place  beforehand. To do this, follow the instructions on the station/terminal located at:

  • Bilbao: Reference Room or Library service desk in the foyer.
  • San Sebastian: Library service desk in the foyer.

Study places loan rules

  • Fines for late return of any type of resource (book, laptop or study station) affect the lending of all resources, regardless of their type.
  • Fines for late returns are 3 calendar days of suspension of borrowing privileges per overdue item per day.
  • In the case of lost or damaged books, borrowing privileges will be suspended until the book has been replaced or paid for.
  • Cards are personal and non-transferable, so their use by another person will be sanctioned.
  • You must use the loan or self-service lending service to check out documents from the Library. Those who violate or intend to violate this rule will be denied access to the Library for a period of time to be determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • In case of loss, the Library must be notified immediately. Until the Library has been duly notified, the holder of the lost card will be held responsible for any loans made with the card and any relevant fines.

External Document Purchase/Supply Service

This service is aimed at Lecturers/Researchers of the University of Deusto.

All library users may suggest a purchase. Suggested purchases are considered according to their interest and relevance to the university's bibliographic collection. To make a request, send an email with your user details and information about the work to:

This service provides users with originals or copies of material which is not in the Library.

This service is aimed at Lecturers, Researchers and Doctoral Students.

To request external documents, please fill in one of the following forms: Bilbao Campus and San Sebastian Campus.

To use this service for the first time, you need to register in the system by clicking on "Log in". Once you have received an activation email, you will be able to use the service to request external documents.

Collection and return of external documents: Library service desk in the foyer.

Terms and conditions of use: The lending library will determine the deadline for use of original copies obtained through the Inter-library Loan Service. Reproduction and use of copied documents is only allowed for study and research purposes. Users are responsible for complying with current legislation on intellectual property.

For more information, you can write an email to (Bilbao) or (San Sebastian).

It provides originals or reproductions of documents between the two campuses: Bilbao and San Sebastian.

All library users have access to Intercampus loans.


  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate students, Deusto Alumni, Friends of the Library and PAS:

By completing the form in the Library service desk or sending the following request to: 

Must use the External Document Delivery Service: Bilbao Campus and San Sebastian Campus.

Collection and return: Library service desk.



You will find all the necessary information on the following websites:

Printing, photocopying and scanning

European Documentation Centre

The European Documentation Centre (EDC) is an information centre that supports the promotion of teaching and research related to European integration at University level. It offers resources on European issues to students, lecturers and researchers.

It was created in 1980 through an agreement between the University of Deusto and the European Communities. 

Since 1997, the EDC has been part of the Basque European Information Network, REVIE, whose main aim is to provide greater coordination and collaboration between depository centres of European information.

Since 2005 the Network of European Documentation Centres became part of a wider network: EUROPE DIRECT, which comprises a large number of European information services for citizens.