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    This master’s degree in Industrial Engineering offers graduates a sound general training that allows them to work in a wide range of fields and at different levels.

    Graduates in Industrial Engineering may perform their professional activities at different levels because they do not only have high technical knowledge to develop major projects but they are also able to lead them.

    This master's degree is designed and taught together with companies in the sector, and it is a highly demanded profile, which will make you highly competitive in the labour market.

    The Faculty of Engineering maintains a close relationship with a wide network of collaborating companies, which allows students to gain first-hand knowledge of the demands and needs of the professional environment. This is why its graduates are versatile professionals, capable of adapting to multiple roles within organisations. 

    DeustoAlumni will help youenter the labour market. It will provide you with legal guidance and advice on all employment-related matters. We have a team of experts who have been working in the field of employment and career guidance for more than 10 years. From the last years of your degree, you will be able to participate in workshops and seminars with individual monitoring of your employability.

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    One of the keys to a quality education is the direct contact with the professional world during the training process. For this reason, the Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering offers the possibility of doing an internship in a company or technology centre.

    The aim of a placement in a company or a technology centre is to enable students to be confronted with a professional activity and to put into practice all the skills acquired in order to respond to the tasks or problems faced.


    Internships for Master's students

    Collaborating companies

    Career OpportunitiesYou can work in

    Steel and metal industry

    Chemical transformations

    Energy generation and transmission

    Metal, mechanical and electrical construction industries...

    Environmental Management

    Consulting and Knowledge Management.


    Industrial engineers are almost everywhere. And of course, from a technical point of view, we cover a very wide range of sectors and specialist f...

    Luis Rodriguez LlopisPresident of IDOM