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      The master’s degree is designed to promote participants’ personal growth and professional development

      Course content


      A solid training

      In the first three modules you will develop a strategic mindset in the in the area and the tools needed to integrate and develop people. You will also learn about the legal framework that regulates relations between companies and institutions and their employees.


      Management skills and coaching

      In modules 4 and 5 you will acquire and develop skills that are essential for the development of your work. We will work on others: motivation, emotion management, leadership, conflictmanagement...


      Internship or Improvement Project

      You will combine an internship from the beginning of the master’s degree with classes. Currently employed participants will be required to carry out an improvement project for the organisation in which they work.


      Master’s Final Project

      This written report includes the description, analysis and assessment of all or a part of people management in a business organisation, emphasising possible improvements applicable to one or more specific aspects in this field in the firm being examined.

      Dynamic and participatory

      Master’s course description

      In subjects that train in people management techniques:

      teaching combines theoretical presentations and case studies with analysis of real business situations. Some of the teaching techniques used include: role play, simulations, in-class presentation of projects, etc.

      They are the main distinguishing feature of the programme. These subjects look to develop key competences required for Human Resources leaders.

      Students are required to make a self-assessment of competences at the start of each subject. They are provided with the proper tools and asked to identify aspects of personal improvement and to design an action plan at the end of the subject.

      In both cases, you will attend tutorial sessions led by a professional from the human resources field, who will assist you in setting learning objectives and the subject matter to be developed. The tutor will monitor students to ensure these objectives are met. 


      Calendar and timetable


      Academic calendar:

      -Introduction to Business Course: 13-20 September 2021. 
      - Start date of the master's degree: 24 September 2021
      - Submission and defence of the Master´s Final Project (MFP): September 2022

      Assessment calendar 19/20
      Academic calendar



      - Monday and Tuesday from 15:00 to 20:00
      - 10 Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings to be announced well in advance
      - 7 Friday afternoons, for coaching sessions

      Some of the companies we collaborate with

      Where are internships held?

      Master’s Final Project



      You will define the specific competences and work schedule to be developed in the project work.



      In this phase you will have a number of group and individual tutorial sessions to supervise your research design and progress.


      Final project development and submission

      After completing the project, you will be required to submit a final report.


      Oral Defence of the Master's Final Project

      Presentation and detailed description the project content and defence of the conclusions reached, with a special focus on the competences developed.

      Academic information



      List of generic and specific competences of the Master's Degree in Human Resources:




      Academic regulations

      Maximum number of calls, conditions of permanence, recognition of credits...

      Academic regulations


      Candidate and graduate profile

      Candidate profile

      Graduate profile