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    Internship or Improvement Project




    Internships in companies

    Participants without prior experience in Human Resources

    • You will do your internship while also attending class from the very beginning of the course. In this way, the experience you gain in the company will enrich your in-class contributions from the experiential context you are working within.
    • At the same time, you will be able to immediately implement the knowledge and competences you acquire in the classroom in your internship experience.
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    Improvement project

    Participants who are actively employed in Human Resources

    • You will carry out a diagnosis of the people management situation in your business organisation during the first quarter of the programme. The following step consists of identifying the area(s) for improvement, which is the base for the development of your professional project.
    • In this way, the project will enable you to delve more deeply into an aspect of people management as you apply the knowledge acquired in the Master’s programme to your everyday tasks, while also improving your business organisation. Experts from the field of Human Resources will act as project advisors to monitor the learning process in this module.
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    Some of the companies we collaborate with

    Where are internships held?

    A service that supports you in designing your professional career from the start of your Master's degree

    Career Services Department

    You will receive the support and follow-up you need to find the right internship for your profile and interests.

    You will meet with yourCareer Advisorto see what jobs, sectors and geographic locations you are interested in and to prepare your curriculum vitae, profile on LinkedIn, and a compelling cover letter


    You can attend these sessions with expert recruitment consultants who will give you tips on how to deal with job interviews, help you to prepare group dynamics, and work on your elevator pitch

    You will be able to access our internship platform and see the offers from companies that trust in the profile of Deusto Business School. Each student has access to an average of 8-12 internship offers.

    We will inform you about companies’ talent searches: Google holds virtual sessions to raise awareness of its recruitment process, strategy consultancy McKinsey offers a workshop on a real consultancy project…

    At this annual event, current students have the opportunity to participate in more than 50 scheduled activities including: interacting with company representatives, presenting CVs, networking sessions, meeting recruiters, attending seminars, etc. 

    The following organisations participated in the past edition of the Employment and Entrepreneurship Fair: Acciona, Amenabar, Boston Consulting Group, Idom, Deloitte, Decathlon, Elecnor, Elkargi, Euskaltel, Everis, EY, Fineco, Iberdrola, KPMG, Ibermática, Management Solutions, Mondelez, HP, PWC, Sixt, and Tecuni. 

    Careers Services Department

    Start your career here

    Career Opportunities

    With this master's degree: 

    • You will be capable of designing, implementing and assessing human resources policiesfrom a strategic, comprehensive perspective in order to apply the most suitable tools in each situation.
    • You will gain insight into the legal context governing labour relations.
    • You will develop the competences to organise and plan, make individual and team decisions, lead processes of change, combine efforts and reconcile interests, negotiate and solve conflicts and manage diversity.
    • You will learn to value coaching as a tool that facilitates the growth of your team.  

    You will be able to work in: 

    • Consulting firms
    • Human resources departments of any type of company
    • Recruitment and training agencies
    • Temporary employment agencies
    • Etc.

    According to the 2019 employability report carried out on the graduating class of 2017, the employment rate at the time of the survey was

    83.33%Employment rate

    93.33%Was employed at that time or had last been employed in the people management area.

    Where do our students work?


    In their own words

    Alejandra Blanco

    I liked the good atmosphere in class. I also did my internship in a big company like Deloitte, where I am still working today.

    Alejandra Blanco

    Human Resources Supervisor at Deloitte

    María San Emeterio

    During the master's degree, I did an internship in a company of the Velatia Group and when it finished, thanks to the support of my tutors, I managed to stay in another company of the group.

    María San Emeterio

    Human Capital Technician at Smarmec (Grupo Velatia)

    Ainhoa Alonso estudiante

    Meeting women in top management in the Basque Country has been an inspiration and motivation for young people who, like me, are starting to take our first steps in this world.

    Ainhoa Alonso

    Talent Management in Human Capital - Grupo Velatia

    You will be able to join this network of more than 15,000 alumni and benefit from its services once you have completed your Master's degree

    Deusto Business Alumni

    Find everything you need to advance your career. We will assist you in your job search and help you decide what options are best for you and how to make the most of them.

    Take advantage of the synergies and enhance the valuable connections of this broad professional network of more than 7,000 members.

    Keep up to date with the latest trends and news through our events and publications.

    You may be eligible for very competitive conditions thanks to the agreements with Deusto Business Alumni's sponsors and partner companies.