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New edition: 2025 | Admission process closed

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    Innovation can be learned and developed with practice.


    Module 1 - Strategic Analysis for Innovation

    Bilbao | (6 ECTS)

    Understand the key concepts and techniques to shape companies’ innovation strategy. 


    Module 2 - Innovation Management

    Madrid | (6 ECTS)

    Identify the key stages, methods and critical elements of innovation processes and routines.


    Module 3 - Building the Innovative Organisation

    San Sebastian | (6 ECTS)

    The alignment of the key functional areas.


    Module 4 - Leadership for Innovation

    Florence | (6 ECTS)

    Learn from history how to lead yourself and your organization going forward.

    Innovation Project: Innovation in Practice (6 ECTS)

    Throughout the BIP participants will prepare a business-applied project relevant to their organisation or personal interest based on cutting-edge issues in the field of business innovation, with the support of experienced tutors. 

    The development of this project is an integrative learning experience that ties together all of the various threads of the programme and facilitates their real world application.

    The Business Innovation Project may cover any aspect of business innovation in any organisation - industrial, public sector or third sector- anywhere in the world.

    Many of the participants stated on their feedbacks that the business innovation project adds significant value for themselves and their companies as it enables them to learn business innovation through practice, by identifying an opportunity, a problem or challenge, developing the project and creating value.

    The BIP participants are interested in creating value by building innovative business and promoting effective innovation practices. Some participants will consider externally oriented projects with a focus on business innovation while other participants will opt for internally oriented projects centred on managing innovation.

    Main areas of business innovation from which to select the project:

    • Strategic innovation
    • New product / service development
    • Innovative culture / organisational change
    • Business model design
    • Innovation Process Management
    • Entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship
    • Speed up market commercialisation
    • Identify innovation opportunities in the value chain
    • Knowledge management inside and outside the company
    • Creating, developing and validating innovation projects related to the organization

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