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New edition: 2025 | Admission process closed

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    Admission Process


    Step 1

    Informative interview with the Admissions Office

    We answer your questions, analyse your CV and offer you the best programme option according to your needs, dedication...


    Step 2

    Submission of documentation

    The Programme Secretariat will contact you to let you know what documentation you need to submit: application form, CV, ID card... Depending on the programme you are going to study, it may be necessary to provide additional information or you may have to take an extra admission test (English level, ...).


    Step 3

    Interview with Academic Director

    The academic directo will analyse the suitability of your profile according to your experience and the profile of the group.


    Step 4

    Admission Letter

    Once you have been admitted to the programme, you will receive an admission letter accrediting you as a member of the programme group.

    Further information

    Admissions Department

    Asun Angulo
    Tel. 944 139 483

    Programme secretariat

    Ainhoa Martínez
    Tel. +34 944 139 450

    Programme Director

    José Luis del Val

    Innovation Advisor

    Francisco González Bree