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New edition: 2025 | Admission process closed

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    Develop a new approach to overcome the obstacles

    Rather than a time of changes we are dealing with a change of times and keeping your company up to the demands of the market is no easy task.

    However, you can get ready for it.

    The Business Innovation Programme - BIP is a unique learning experience structured in 4 one-week intensive modules held in 4 different locations, that will prepare you to watch the world through different glasses. 

    Go, once and for all, for an integral bath in innovation and boost your organisation’s dexterity to innovate.


    New edition: 2024



    Bilbao, San Sebastian, Madrid, Florence

    • Campus:

      Bilbao Campus

      San Sebastian Campus

      Madrid Headquarters


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      Specialisation Diploma in Business Innovation - BIP

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      On campus

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      Applications now open

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      4 one-week modules in 4 different cities

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      Deusto Business School
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    Inddux es una compañía basada en el conocimiento de la innovación y la disrupción digital. Nos anticipamos a las tendencias gracias a nuestras herramientas de interpretación, estudio y análisis del impacto de las novedades tecnológicas en la economía. Y contamos con el equipo con más experiencia en España en el análisis de la digitalización de la economía. Con trece años de experiencia en la ‘vigilancia tecnológica’ sobre las propuestas más innovadoras, siguiendo los pasos de la digitalización más puntera.

    Más información


    Profile of the participants

    40 yearsaverage age

    14 yearsaverage professional experience

    Participants include profiles such as:


    Experienced managers

    responsible for developing or implementing strategic decision making at both business unit and company level.



    and company owners.


    Advisors and management consultants

    seeking to develop their skills in managing and promoting innovation.


    Other professionals

    in the private or public sector working or considering roles with an element of business innovation.

    4 one week modules in 4 different cities


    4 one week modules in 4 different cities

    Participate in a programme focused on international benchmarking, with four modules delivered in four different cities: Bilbao, San Sebastián, Madrid and Florence.

    Francisco González Bree, Academic Director Business Innovation Programme

    Director´s opinion

    Participants are equipped with the competences needed to lead and manage innovation projects in any industry, capacity or department.

    Francisco González BreeAcademic Director
    Business Innovation Programme

    Get a 360º preparation


    Promote the search for new business opportunities.


    Improve the development, implementation and commercialization of strategic ideas.


    Create a culture that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship within organizations.


    Facilitate the integration of RD&I activities and production/final service activities.


    Put innovation in Practice through the Business Innovation Project.


    Develop yourself as a leader to transform the organisation´s ability to innovate.

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    Our participants tell you about it

    The programme is practical, very inspiring and it has that different point that I was really looking for.

    International Recognition

    Further Information

    Admissions Department

    Asun Angulo
    Tel. 944 139 483

    Programme Director

    José Luis del Val

    Innovation Advisor

    Francisco González Bree