Double Degree in
BMA + Computer Engineering

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    A 5-year programme

    Structure of the double bachelor’s degree

    The syllabus of the double degree in Business Administration + Computer Engineering follows a progressive learning approach, from the fundamentals of business management and computer science to General Management and the mastery of ICT and computer systems.  


    Year 1

    You will learn the basics of business management (accounting, business, statistics...) and the scientific-technical bases of computer science (algebra, calculus, physics...). 


    Years 2 and 3

    Once the foundations have been laid, you will discover how organisations and their different departments (finance, marketing, accounting, etc.) work, and you will gradually learn about the different languages, methods, programming environments and computer architectures.


    Years 4 and 5

    At the end of the degree programme, you will be able to develop the strategy and different business models, and you will master the design of IT projects from a global point of view, integrating systems, applications and networks.


    Year 5

    You will put into practice all the knowledge you have acquired so far through company internships and the completion of two final degree projects, one in the field of business and another in the computer engineering field. In addition, you will have the opportunity to undertake an international placement at a foreign university.  


    Business Management & Administration + Computer Engineering

    Year 1

    Any Year

    Living and studying abroadInternational experience

    One semester abroad

    The International Programme gives all students the opportunity to study an exchange semester abroad. This experience will allow them to live and study in a foreign country and will give them the opportunity to get to know new cultures, improve their language skills and learn to adapt to new environments.

    More than 100 universities

    We have exchange agreements with more than 100 universities in some 40 countriesaround the world.

    See the list of destinations available.


    Students will take part in an international mobility programme in the first semester of their 5th year.


    2023-2024 Academic calendar

    Official academic calendar.

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    2023/2024 Timetables

    Provisional timetables subject to change

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    Exam dates

    First sit and resit exams

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    Putting into practice what you have learnt

    Undergraduate Final Year Projects

    The double degree ends with the elaboration of two Undergraduate Final Year Projects, one in the field of business administration and another in computer engineering.

    They will allow you to bring together everything you have learnt during your studies in a project of your choice, while developing skills such as oral and written communication, systems thinking and achievement orientation. 

    Both projects are carried out during the second semester of 5th year, preferably in a team and under the supervision of a tutor. You can choose between several options: 


    • Business creation project: development of a business plan based on a business idea proposed by students or, failing that, by a group of external entrepreneurs. 
    • Country study project: in-depth analysis of the business possibilities that a specific country can offer to companies in our community. 
    • Specific project: the development of a specific research or communication project in a specific area of a company.


    • Drawing up a project proposal together with its feasibility study and the design and/or development of a product or process in the ICT field, of a professional nature, which brings together all the competences acquired in the course.

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