Application decisions

How do I know if I have been admitted?

All applicants will be notified by post of the admission decision concerning their course choices in order of preference. While each of your course choices is processed, you can track the status of your application at:

Application decisions calendar:

  • 1st deadline: Mayo
  • 2nd deadline: June
  • Medicine Bachelor's degree: June

The status of each of your course choices you entered in the application form will be one of the following:

Application received and being processed.

All details received and ready for decision.

Not admitted
Application not admitted because it does not meet the entry requirements or is incomplete.

Incomplete application
Application on hold because it is incomplete. The applicant will be requested to provide the information required.

The applicant has obtained a positive assessment to enter this programme.

The candidate’s application has not received a favourable assessment due to entry requirements and comparison with other candidates.

Application on hold
This means that the assessment is not final yet and your application must be re-assessed in later stages of the admission process.

Admission expired
The admitted candidate (allowed to enrol) has failed to pay the compulsory pre-enrolment fee, so the offer of a place in the programme is cancelled. You will not be offered a Letter of Admission to the Programme.

Allowed to enrol
The candidate has been granted admission and can be offered a Letter of Admission for his/her preferred choice. This Letter of Admission is required for enrolment. For programmes of study that require Compulsory Pre-enrolment, the corresponding fee must be paid so that a Letter of Admission can be obtained.

The University of Deusto will issue one Letter of Admission per applicant according to the preferred order, and provided that the specific entry requirements for each programme are met.

Candidates who receive an "allowed to enrol" decision will receive an invitation to create an Open Deusto email account, where you will receive all subsequent emails from the University.

Please note: The Letter of Admission must be kept until enrolment has been successfully completed.






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