6. Enrolment on undergraduate programmes

When can I enrol?

Enrolment must be made within the deadline indicated in the letter of admission. Please note that you must pre-book an appointment in  to enrol.

Important: If you are unable to enrol by the deadline, you must notify the General Secretariat Office at the campus where you wish enrol and book your place. Failure to do so will result in enrolment being rejected and the place in the programme will be offered to another candidate.  

Application forms 

The University of Deusto has an admissions extranetwhere you can find detailed information about the studies for which you have applied for admission to the University, such as syllabuses, timetables, etc.

At the admissions extranet, you can download the enrolment instructions and forms along with your access credentials. 


In order to enrol, you must book an appointment through the Admissions Extranet. All the information on how to make an appointment, obtain forms and enrolment instructions is available at estudiantes.deusto.es/login

Remember that you must have an @opendeusto.es email account to log in.

You can access id.deusto.es to obtain your account in the "Request your email account" section. 


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