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More than 30 years

Research activity

Our aim is to be drivers of social change seeking to achieve greater levels of well-being (personal and social) and quality of life for all people (an ever increasing number of people) through the generation of scientific knowledge, with the aim of achieving a more inclusive, participatory, just and democratic society.

This mission is rooted in a shared tradition of Education and Sport that seeks a balance between the development of scientific knowledge (research) and intervention in society (action).

Since 1989

Deusto Institute of Drug Dependencies


Since 1989

Deusto Institute of Drug Dependencies

The Deusto Institute of Drug Dependencies works in a specific area of knowledge: drugs and addictions. The mission of this university institute is to bring together the training, research and advice that the University of Deusto carried out in the field of drug addiction.

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Deeply rooted in society

We work in partnership with social organisations, public institutions and others involved in transformative and innovative processes.

In first person

Testimonial PhD degree physical activity and sports sciences

With each research project I carry out with my colleagues at the University of Deusto, I move forward in my research career. We all add up in research.

Borja Gutiérrez Santamaría

PhD student on the Physical Activity and Sports Sciences programme

Andrea Khalfaoui

We conduct research to achieve the best education for all through excellent educational research on a scientific and human level.

Andrea Khalfaoui Larrañaga

Postdoc in Education

ikerbasque research testimonial

Educational research should contribute to improving teaching and learning in the classroom.

Ernesto Panadero Calderón

Ikerbasque Researcher

Rocio Garcia Carrion

Improving education and human development from childhood onwards gives meaning to the social impact research we carry out.

Rocio Garcia Carrion

Ikerbasque Researcher