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Faculty of Education and Sport

Open to the world

The Faculty of Education and Sport has more than 100 agreements with foreign universities (Erasmus + and bilateral and staff mobility).

The University belongs to UNIJES, a Spanish network of Jesuit universities, linked to AUSJAL (Jesuit universities in South America) and AJCU (Jesuit universities in the USA). They form a worldwide network of more than 200 Jesuit universities.

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Faculty of Education and sport

International Mobility Managers

Physical activity and sports sciences
Bilbao: Iker Sáez iker.saez@deusto.es
Donostia: Patxi León patxi.leon@deusto.es

Primary Education
Nerea Gutiérrez

Social Education
Concha Maiztegui

Outgoing students


Outgoing students

A key feature of the internationalisation programme at the Faculty of Education and Sport is student mobility to other universities, whether in Spain, Europe or other countries.

Destinations on offer, language requirements...

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Students’ experiences

In first person

testimonial leire perez

Fear in times of pandemic did not stop me from pursuing my Erasmus dream in Finland.

Leire Pérez

University of Turku (Finland), 2021

testimonial anne barandiaran

In Salamanca I have learnt that differences make us richer and that you can feel at home without being at home.

Anne Barandiaran

Pontifical University of Salamanca 2019

lorea fernandez erasmus testimonial

The lecturers are passionate about teaching Erasmus students and do their best to make us feel at ease.

Lorea Fernández

Jesuit University Ignatianum (Krakow) 2019

maider colio erasmus testimonial

This experience has greatly changed my perspective on education and has reinforced my passion for teaching.

Maider Colio

Erasmus at University of Turku (Finland), 2019

Testimonial erasmus lucia allende

I must say that I have been able to learn about education in another country; this has made me see education from a different perspective than that I was used to.

Lucía Allende

Palacký University Olomouc (Czech Republic) 2018

Leire Altube in Lublin

The person getting on the outbound flight will never be the same as the person getting off the return flight.

Leire Altube

Erasmus in Lublin (Poland) 2017-2018

 noelia acarregui erasmus testimony

I have had a great passion for rhythmic gymnastics since I was very young and this sport is pure beauty in this country.

Noelia Acarregui

Erasmus at National Sports Academy (Bulgaria) 2017-2018

Staff and research mobility

Incoming Staff

If you are an incoming staff member, see the Faculty's procedure

Outgoing staff

  • Erasmus: teaching staff mobility
  • Erasmus: staff mobility for training purposes

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