Expert Diploma in Protection in Humanitarian Action

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About the Expert Diploma

This Diploma provides advanced specialist training particularly suited to meet the demand for protection of populations affected by disasters and other situations leading to vulnerability.


Expert training

There is a need to provide quality academic education and appropriate professional skills for people working or intending to work in this critical area of humanitarian action.

Graduates of this programme are expected to have the capacity to act in the field of humanitarian protection. The protection of the affected population in situations of armed conflict, natural disaster or other situations where the population suffers from a significant lack of protection has become, alongside assistance, a fundamental pillar of humanitarian action.



After completing the course, students will be prepared to:

  • Apply the appropriate analytical and intervention tools to be able to respond through humanitarian action to the growing protection needs that arise in situations of transition from war to peace and to understand their complexity and that of the peacebuilding processes in which they are generated.
  • Design, programme and implement protection actions and monitoring and evaluate their protection outcomes
  • Campus:

    Bilbao Campus

  • Programme name:

    Protection in Humanitarian Action

  • Duration/credits:

    4 months - 15 ECTS

  • Language


  • Number of places


  • Programme type

    On campus Part time

  • Application process:

    Extraordinary deadline closed

  • Faculty:

    Social and Human Sciences
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Protection in Humanitarian Action

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