Expert Diploma in International Humanitarian Action

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About the Expert Diploma

This degree aims to respond to a growing need for higher education qualifications particularly suited to deal with complex humanitarian emergencies, providing quality academic education and appropriate professional competencies for those working or intending to work in the field of humanitarian action.


Who are we?

Graduates of this programme are expected to have the ability to act at all levels of humanitarian relief operations and to respond in a variety of ways in order to enhance the professional delivery of humanitarian assistance and sustainable actions.



This requires

A good understanding of the processes involved in the delivery of humanitarian assistance, the appropriate competencies to plan and manage a humanitarian assistance operation and the social skills necessary to work with diverse communities in a multicultural context.

  • Campus:

    Bilbao Campus

  • Programme name:

    International Humanitarian Action

  • Duration/credits:

    1 semester - 25 ECTS

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  • Number of places


  • Programme type

    On campus

  • Application process:

    Extraordinary deadline closed

  • Faculty:

    Social and Human Sciences
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Developing a comprehensive approach to situations requiring humanitarian action, in terms of theoretical approaches, schools, positioning of actors, nature of conflicts and disasters, and responses and effects/impacts.

Applying the knowledge acquired and solve problems in new or little known contexts in the field of humanitarian action.

Integrating knowledge and dealing with the complexity of making judgements for the management of humanitarian operations from anticipation to the development of future strategies in terms of planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, future scenarios/strategies.

Coping on a personal level with a humanitarian crisis in terms of physical and mental security (empathy, self-confidence, reflective capacity and innovation/flexibility)


Exams and Undergraduate academic regulations

Academic regulations

It is important that you know and consult the rules governing postgraduate studies, in relation to the maximum number of exam sittings, terms for permanence (minimum number of credits that you must pass each year, passing the course, maximum years, etc.), the rules for the application of credit recognition, as well as the Framework academic regulations.

On the Academic Regulations section on the Deusto student website you can view all the academic regulations, both the specific regulations corresponding to the degree and the Framework academic regulations.