Business and Territorial Competitiveness, Innovation and SustainabilityPhD programme

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    About the PhD programme

    The PhD degree programme in Business and Territorial Competitiveness, Innovation and Sustainability is set within the “Aristos Campus Mundus 2015” framework. This initiative is the result of the strategic aggregation of three socially oriented universities: the University of Deusto, Comillas Pontifical University and  Universitat Ramon Llull. 


    Innovation and sustainability

    You will be able to study in depth the various factors affecting the competitiveness of companies and territories. Particular emphasis is placed on innovation as an essential factor for competitiveness and on sustainability as a key element to ensure the well-being of future generations. Therefore, the programme delivers a sound rigorous background in research methodology.


    Business competitiveness

    The search for better solutions to organise the competitiveness of companies and territories demands not only financial resources but above all, research and innovation capacities. Furthermore, it calls for proper management of said research and innovation that enables financial resources to be effectively translated as innovations that underpin sustainable competitiveness.

    • Campus:

      Bilbao Campus

      San Sebastian Campus

    • Programme name:

      Business and Territorial Competitiveness, Innovation and Sustainability

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    • Number of places

      4 in Bilbao and 8 in San Sebastian

    • Programme type

      On campus

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      Application process closed

    • Faculty:

      Deusto Business School
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    Research areas


    Research areas

    The PhD programme is structured around two large research areas

    Economy and territorial competitiveness and Management of organisations and business competitiveness.
    Each of these research areas encompasses several sub-areas.

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    What do you need to study this PhD programme?

    Recommended candidate profile

    Training Activities

    The PhD programmes feature a range of both cross-cutting and specific research training activities for each programme. These activities focus on excellence in training new researchers and optimum development of  research competences.

    Research training activities include: courses, meetings, seminars, attendance to congresses, publication of articles and mobility stays.

    The aim is to create a space for intellectual encounters where researchers can develop their training in an appropriate context.

    Furthermore, these activities are programmed to ensure that students gain international experience through:

    • Stays at foreign universities or research centres
    • Completion of international theses and participation in international conferences
    • Talks by visiting lecturersat the activities.

    These activities are held throughout the training period.

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    You will have the opportunity to gain two specialisms and a double degree

    Industrial Mention

    You will participate in an industrial research or experimental developmentproject 


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    International mention

    A minimum stay of 90 days outside Spain will be required


    Further information

    Double degrees

    Possibility of gaining a double degree from the University of Deusto and a foreign university

    Academic Committee


    Academic Committee

    Programme Coordinator

    • Joseba Iñaki Peña Legazcue

    CETIS-UD Academic Programme Committee

    • Joseba Iñaki Peña Legazcue
    • Nekane Aramburu Goya
    • Asier Minondo Uribe-Etxeberria  
    • Josune Sáenz Martínez

    Inter-University Academic Committee CETIS

    • University of Deusto Joseba Iñaki Peña Legazcue and Josune Sáenz Martínez
    • ICADE- Comillas Pontifical University: Carmen Valor Martínez
    • IQS- Ramón Llull University: Ramon Palau Saumell






    If you are going to study at the University of Deusto, you can benefit from our grant aid. We will give you information about the eligibility criteria and the range of grants promoted by other organisations.


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