Teaching Staff Training Master's degree in compulsory secondary education, upper secondary education, vocational training and language teaching.

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    Teaching Staff Training


    Students will carry out teaching practice in two different periods, one in the first semester and the other in the second semester. They can be held in public, private and subsidised private educational centres, according to the agreements established with different institutions: Basque Government, Kristau Eskola and Federation of Ikastolas. 

    The internship training programme is carried out over a five-week period in the educational centres, but is completed at the university with work seminars and tutorials, either individual or in groups. In the case of the specialisation in Educational Guidance, the internships last 7 weeks.

    To this end, the master’s degree has an internship coordinator, who will act as a link between the university and the educational centres, providing coherence to the entire training process.

    Practicum Guide

    Each student will have two tutor teachers. On the one hand, the tutor at the educational centre where the internship will be carried out, a person who will help to make the student’s projects feasible in the real world of teaching.

    On the other hand, the University tutor, who will guide the student in performing their work with the necessary rigour and quality to guarantee optimum results. Both tutors will help students by guiding them in their learning and contributing to the development of the set competences.




    With this Master's degree you can work as a teacher in Secondary Education, taking into account the requirements established by current legislation for Compulsory Secondary Education, Baccalaureate studies, Vocational Training, Language Teaching (Official Language Schools).

    Students taking the "Educational Guidance" specialisation will be able to work as advisers in Secondary Education.