Biblical Studies: History and Influence of the BibleMaster's degree

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    Biblical Studies

    About the Master’s degree

    In the 21st century, far from having detached ourselves from the past, the memory of what we were is one of the most heated battlefields.

    We are what we remember, what we tell ourselves we were and what our ancestors died for. Thousands of years ago, people in the Middle East decided to write down questions that do not expire for the first time in history.

    This is how the Bible was born. These universal texts have decisively influenced the way we live, think and hope , and survive not only in the religious traditions that accept them as sacred texts but, above all, in paintings, literature, films, music, ideas, etc., which form part of universal culture and heritage.

    All this vast tradition can now be reread critically, knowing the original context and meaning of those texts, their subsequent interpretations and manipulations, as well as the possibilities they offer to contribute to a more just and peaceful world.



    A 100% online course, study when and where you want, at your own pace, and the ongoing support of a lecturer. With the quality and academic rigour that characterises the University of Deusto.



    You will understand the impact that the reading of biblical texts has had on later cultures up to the present day.

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      Biblical Studies: History and Influence of the Bible

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      1 year - 60 ECTS

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    Biblical Studies History and Influence of the Bible

    This master's degree is right for you if:

    And you wish to gain a cultural and historical understanding of the Bible to supplement your university education.

    You work in communicationpublishing houses or travel agencies

    You work in Christian community entertainment or in multicultural contexts


    Student profile

    Candidate profile

    Candidates wishing to access the Master's Degree in Biblical Studies: History and Influence of the Bible must hold a degree awarded by a recognised university in a related discipline relevant to Biblical Studies (History, Archaeology, Trilingual Philology, Anthropology, Theology, Political Science and Sociology, Humanities).

    All those students whose mother tongue is not Spanish must prove that they have the required language level by presenting accreditation certificates. 

    Graduate profile

    Graduates of this degree understand the process of writing the biblical books in the different historical moments in which they were written, and the consequences of this process in such a way that they can make a critical reading of their message and appreciate their religious message, always considered in context.

    They can identify and argue against fundamentalist and/or integrationist readings of the Bible, as well as the legitimisations based on it to which these positions appeal in many fields, ranging from religion to politics.

    They are able to identify and appreciate the historical and cultural contributions of the Bible in various fields.

    2024-2025 ACADEMIC YEAR


    The deadline to apply for admission for the 2024-25 academic year is open.

    Find out about the steps to follow to submit your application through our virtual office, the supporting documents required and any additional requirements for admission to some programmes.

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    Biblical Studies: History and Influence of the Bible

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