General Health Psychology + Relational/Systemic PsychotherapyMaster's degree

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    We bring you closer to the professional reality


    Internships (36 ECTS) give students the chance for training as they carry out tasks and duties, thus developing professional competences (skills, attitudes and aptitudes). Practical work will be carried out both in the field of General Health Psychology and Relational/Systemic Psychotherapy.

    All clinical tutors are accredited family therapists with experience in different relational issues (trauma, bereavement, inter-parental conflict, domestic violence, etc.).

    Clinical internships in Phase 1 and Phase 2 will be held in two different centres:

    Clinical internships in Phase 3 clinical placements are held in accredited external centres under the supervision of accredited professionals. To see the type of centres you can look at those linked to:

    Internship centres - General Health Psychology 

    The number of hours of clinical practice will be around 750. The hours are counted weekly, taking into account exclusively direct clinical practice, i.e. intervention, observation and supervision with a therapist.

    Internships in the field of General Health Psychology + Relational/Systemic Psychotherapy

    Joint Degree Programme

    Career Opportunities


    Joint Degree Programme

    Career Opportunities

    Those pursuing this Joint Degree Programme will be qualified to work as psychologists in the health care field. They will also gain the necessary competences to work in the field of couple and family psychotherapy by acquiring specialist training as clinical or health psychologists. These requirements are established in the seventh additional provision of the General Public Health Law of October 2011 on the regulations on professional practice in the health field.

    Fields of work

    You can work in:

    Career options the Master’s degree in General Health Psychology qualifies you for

    • Private practice of the profession of general health psychologist
    • Diagnosis and intervention with mental health disorders in general
    • Residential units for the elderly
    • Psychosocial rehabilitation of chronically ill patients
    • Addiction treatment centres
    • Associations for persons with different diseases.
    • Private sector health care facilities
    • Social and health care centres for children and young people specialising in various psychopathological disorders
    • Neuropsychology diagnosis and rehabilitation units.
    • Private sector fertility units: diagnostic and treatment services for couples with childbearing difficulties

    Career options the Master’s Degree in Systemic-Relational Psychotherapy qualifies you for.

    • Private practice
    • Psychiatric units
    • Family guidance and counselling centres,
    • Care centres for couples,
    • Children’s clinical services,
    • Care services for adolescents in outpatient or residential treatment,
    • Programmes with courts or alternative sentences,
    • Services related to addressing domestic violence,
    • Mediation services,
    • Pastoral councils,
    • Student health services at schools, etc.