Automation, Electronics and Industrial ControlMaster´s degree

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    This master's degree trains you to be a person with a solid background in high-level competences and responsibilities in the key technological areas of automation, electronics and industrial control. The course will also equip you with all-round skills and knowledge, great versatility and the ability to adapt to constant technological changes.

    The Faculty of Engineering maintains a close relationship with a wide network of collaborating companies, which allows students to gain first-hand knowledge of the demands and needs of the professional environment. This is why its graduates are versatile professionals, capable of adapting to multiple roles within organisations. 

    DeustoAlumni will help youenter the labour market. It will provide you with legal guidance and advice on all employment-related matters. We have a team of experts who have been working in the field of employment and career guidance for more than 10 years. From the last years of your degree you will be able to participate in workshops and seminars with individual monitoring of your employability.

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    Una de las claves de una enseñanza de calidad, es el contacto directo con el mundo profesional durante el proceso formativo. Por ese motivo, el Máster Universitario en Automatización, Electrónica y Control Industrial ofrece la posibilidad de realizar una estancia (en modalidad de prácticas) en una empresa o centro tecnológico.

    El objetivo de la estancia en una empresa o un centro tecnológico es permitir que el estudiante se enfrente a una actividad de tipo profesional y ponga en práctica el conjunto de competencias adquiridas a fin de dar respuesta a las tareas o problemas a los que se enfrente.

    Listado de algunas de las empresas que, mediante convenios universidad-empresa, colaboran con el máster:

    Prácticas para estudiantes del máster

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    Employment data

    More than 90% found a job in less than three months with an above-average salary.

    Career opportunities

    Job prospects for graduates of this programme


    Career opportunities

    Job prospects for graduates of this programme

    • Management of technical offices
    • Management of automation, control and advanced manufacturing projects
    • Design and implementation of advanced integrated technology solutions in industry 4.0.
    Ainhoa Muro

    This master's degree has allowed me to gain multi-disciplinary training as an engineer in robotics, vision and automation, among others.

    Ainhoa Gorostiaga MuroVidrala Class of 2020