Expert Diploma in Financial ManagementNext edition: February 2024

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    Leading your organisation's financial strategy

    Are you putting a lot of effort into ensuring the sustainability of your organisation and preparing for an uncertain future?

    With the Executive Programme in Financial Management (PEDF), you will acquire the most up-to-date and cutting-edge tools that, under a global vision of the company, will allow you to lead this situation of uncertainty with more confidence, adapting the financial strategy of your organisation and contributing to generating value.

    Do you want to make an outstanding and influential career in economics and finance?


    When: February 2024



    San Sebastian Campus
    Simulation module (3 days) at our seat in Madrid.

    • Campus:

      San Sebastian Campus

    • Programme name:

      Expert Diploma in Financial Management

    • Duration/credits:

      February to December - 16 ECTS

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    • Programme type

      On campus

    • Application process:

      Application period open now

    • Additional information:

      Fridays from 09:00 to 18:00

    • Faculty:

      Deusto Business School
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    ELKARGI is a financial institution at the service of the business ecosystem. It supports companies in the creation and consolidation of their projects, both through financing and financial advice and training.

    Participant profile

    41 yearsaverage age

    14 years oldAverage professional experience

    Participant Profile


    Professionals from the financial department

    Or from other functional areas, who are responsible for financial decision-making or want to develop in this field.


    Experienced managers

    Not necessarily linked to finance, who wish to deepen their knowledge in this area and improve their business decisions.


    Other financial professionals

    such as consultants, auditors, financial and investment analysts, risk managers, managers of financial institutions, etc.

    Cristina Pérez de Villareal, PEDF 2019 participantIcono para el play del video

    What do our participants think?

    This programme helps you understand that many concepts you consider irrelevant have a direct impact on your company's results

    Cristina Pérez de VillarealParticipant in the Executive Programme in Financial Management - PEDF 2019

    International Recognition

    Programme highlights


    Get to know the latest trends

    Get an in-depth look at the key principles and issues of modern economic and financial management.

    Get up to date on established and upcoming financial trends.


    Acquire a global vision

    Learn how to look at the environment from a strategic perspective in order to integrate the financial side of your company's decision-making process.


    Update your methodology

    Get to know the management tools that will allow you to improve your processes and help you be more efficient.

    Provide management criteria under a strategic approach to the company.


    Improve your management skills

    Develop your skills to face new challenges with greater confidence and security.


    Expand your network

    Contrast your experiences with other participants and build a network of contacts on which you can rely throughout your career.

    Elena Ochoa, co-director of the Executive Programme in Financial Management

    The aim of the programme is to delve into the key issues of the current and future financial management of a business.

    Elena OchoaAcademic Co-Director

    Teaching methods

    Classroom-based teaching
    Sessions based on the presentation and discussion of concepts using a variety of teaching methods such as lectures, case studies and practical exercises, among others.

    An interactive experience in which you will manage the main variables of a fictitious multinational company over a time horizon of 3 to 4 years.

    This activity is an opportunity to learn about the management skills of each member of your team, as well as each member’s management, entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

    Develop a project focusing on the knowledge acquired in one of the modules taught throughout the programme to apply it in a real situation.


    What do our participants think?

    Aitziber Arnao

    It has given me a global vision of the financial aspect of the company's strategy, as the interpretation of the data provides great value.

    Aitziber Arnao

    Finance and General Services Manager at EUROGAP

    Borja Lambea

    The Programme has allowed me to acquire those concepts I needed and has helped me improve my decision-making.

    Borja Lambea

    Sales Manager at Sidenor Forgins & Castings

    Silvia Moneo

    The programme allows you to lift your head and see what’s outside. This means stopping, pondering and changing your actions.

    Silvia Moneo

    Chief Financial Officer at Guardian Express Home, S.L

    Ignacio Cavero

    It has given me a boost in my career and has allowed me to anticipate many of the challenges that a finance manager is faced with.

    Ignacio Cavero

    Controlling and Reporting Manager at Grupo MTorres

    Further information

    Admissions Department

    Asun Angulo
    Tel. 944 139 483

    Programme Office

    Natalia Vélez de Mendizabal
    Tel. 943 326 460

    Programme Directors

    Elena Ochoa

    Isabel González