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Entry requirements


A minimum of 5 years of professional experience is required to apply for the programme.

Academic background

Officially recognised university degree.


Advanced level in both written and spoken English. 

The Executive MBA is taught entirely in Spanish, except for the international weeks which are taught in English.

Admissions process


1st Step

Informational interview with the Admissions Department

We answer your questions, analyse your CV and offer you the best course option according to your needs, time available...


2nd Step

Submit documents

The Programme’s Secretary will contact you to let you know what supporting documents you need to submit: application form, CV, ID card... Depending on the programme you are going to study, you may need to provide additional information or you may have to take an extra admission test (English level, GMAT....)


3rd Step

Interview with Academic Coordinators

The academic coordinators will analyse the suitability of your profile according to your experience and the profile of the group.


4th Step

Letter of admission

Once you have been admitted to the programme, you will receive a letter of admission accrediting you as a member of the programme’s group.

Application for admission On Campus Executive MBA

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Application for admission Blended Executive MBA

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