Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design Engineering

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    From the first sketches to the final product

    The start of your career

    You will learn to design the objects that surround us - furniture, household appliances, vehicles, etc. - with an innovative character, increasing the company’s competitiveness, strengthening the brand and providing solutions to users’ needs.

    The Faculty of Engineering maintains a close relationship with a wide network of collaborating companies, which allows students to gain first-hand knowledge of the demands and needs of the professional environment. This is why its graduates are versatile professionals, capable of adapting to multiple roles within organisations. 

    DeustoAlumni will help you access the labour market. It will provide you with legal guidance and advice on all employment-related matters.

    We have ateam of expertswho have been working in the field of employment and career guidance for more than 10 years. From the last years of your degree you will be able to participate in workshops and seminars with individual monitoring of your employability.

    Deusto Alumni Grants

    Over 40 years’ experience training professionals

    Deusto Engineering

    +125Collaborating companies

    98.4%Employment rate

    100%Embedded employment rate (graduates working in a field that relates to their degree)

    2ndUniversity for teaching (U-Ranking 2020)

    AT THE END OF YOUR DEGREEYou will be able to...

    Design products, services and experiences

    Ensuring and verifying that the projects developed meet the needs of the market, the company and consumers.

    Understanding the needs of industry and people

    with an innovative character, increasing the company's competitiveness, strengthening the brand and providing solutions to users' needs


    and generate added value in products and services, such as sustainability, ethics versus planned obsolescence, to enhance local economies and to take into account the needs of all users

    Detect market niches

    changes in user behaviours and possible consumer trends to develop new products

    Think strategically

    to plan the company's activity in terms of time, human resources and technological processes

    Develop your potential

    You will be able to combine your creative and critical thinking skills to work in multidisciplinary teams and transform your ideas into reality

    A commitment to your career



    A commitment to your career


    Internships in companies are an essential complement to professional development

    Internships are guaranteed for 100% of the students, focused on gaining professional experience that will be highly valued for their incorporation into the job market.

    All internships are held in 4th year; they are optional and supervised by qualified professionals at the host centre and by a lecturer from the Faculty.


    You can work in:



    You can work in:

    • National and international companies dedicated to the design and manufacture of: household appliances, furniture, lighting, electronic equipment, clothing, bicycles, hand tools, machine tools, urban equipment, sanitary equipment, automotive, railway and naval equipment, among others.
    • Industrial Design and Product Development studios and agencies.
    • R&D, Product Development or Marketing and Communication departments, as an in-house or freelance designer.
    • Your own design studio developing projects for companies or creating your own product line.