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    Faculty of Engineering

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    Gobierno Vasco B

    Brief description of research aims

    Applied Mechanics focuses its research work on the mechanical behaviour of structural systems and materials, as well as on the study of production processes. It targets the automotive, capital goods and consumer goods industries with the aim of achieving excellence by providing innovative solutions at the frontier of knowledge:

    - Structural Analysis
    - Analytical and Numerical Modeling
    - Experimental Mechanics
    - Vibration Testing, Control & Isolation
    - Additive Manufacturing

    Research areas:
    - Advanced Industrial Manufacturing
    - Advanced Materials Behaviour


    Principal Investigator
    Maria Jesús Elejabarrieta

    Alberto Murillo
    Alejandro López
    Aranzazu Mugica
    Beatriz Achiaga
    Fernando Cortés
    Imanol Sarría
    Javier Salcedo
    Jon García
    Eduardo García
    Olatz Ukar
    Aintzane Conde
    Oleksandr Husiev
    Hamed Aghajani Derazkola
    Lorenzo Pedrolli
    Jokin Lozares
    Lola Fernández-Caballero
    Mikel Brun
    Julen Cortazar