Deusto Services

The University has several student support units to help and assist students with their experience and life at Deusto. These include those that help you manage your accommodation needs or offer individualised guidance throughout your degree as well as health-related services, or those that contribute to improving the quality of life of students with disabilities.


Accommodation and services

The University of Deusto offers a wide range of options 


University guidance

We want you to enjoy your time at the University of Deusto and help you achieve all the goals you have set for this period of your life.


social action and inclusion

The University of Deusto has launched the programme "Support for students with disabilities and/or specific educational support needs”



The University of Deusto offers students both services and health advice 

We have a new Deusto App!

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We have a new Deusto App!

The University of Deusto's official app will allow you to check your marks and timetables, book spaces and material, log in to ALUD or the library, find information about the academic staff, report an IT problem, see the canteen menu or check free parking spaces, among many other features. You will also have your virtual university card at hand at all times. Keep up to date with all the news, events and alerts with Deusto App!


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