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University of Deusto

Accommodation and orientation

The Accommodation and Orientation Service has been created to respond to and support the search for accommodation in our city of San Sebastian.

The Service offers different accommodation options to accommodate all types of student demand.

We offer you from an option in which we look for your flat to other options in which the student looks for his or her own accommodation. 

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50, Mundaiz Way. 20012 - San Sebastian


943 326 319

Accommodation in San Sebastian

Discover the various options available to you

San Sebastian campus

We are looking for your flat


San Sebastian campus

We are looking for your flat

In this option SAYA is in charge of looking for the flat for you.
It was created with the idea of making your flat search more comfortable, pleasant and easy.
We take care of the student from the moment they arrives in San Sebastian, picking they up and putting him/her up in the flat. We also take care of other aspects such as the attention, before, after and during the stay and the solution to possible problems that may arise in the flat.
This is the most popular form of accommodation. Here we have the invaluable help of the Flat Renting Agency, which is in charge of this accommodation option, without having to be more expensive. In addition, it is always committed to Deusto students and to flats close to our university.

Accommodation regulations

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Accommodation in San SebastianOther options

Accommodation at the expense of the student

Accommodation will be arranged by the student. The following options are available:

  • Shared flat and homestay accommodation:
    The University of Deusto offers the following accommodation management platform to those who want to look for an apartment or room on their own, which will facilitate the search and management of accommodation. Access and use of the management tool requires prior registration as a user. This accommodation management platform is exclusively for students of the University of Deusto. The platform will be available on 15th November.
  • Residences:
    We will give you the most important information about each residence or hall of residence, but the accommodation will be arranged by the student.
    More information
  • Erasmusu:
    Platform that helps you find accommodation in many parts of the world, including San Sebastian.
    Operating rules

Accommodation in August: intensive Spanish course

The La Salle Residence will be in charge of hosting the Deusto students during the days in August when the intensive Spanish course is taught. From 1 September, students will have to leave the Residence and move to the accommodation they have booked for the course.

The price, the conditions of accommodation and the procedure to enrol in this Residence:

Information La Salle Residence

Application form

Talent House

This residence is exclusively for researchers and doctoral students coming to the San Sebastian campus of the University of Deusto. We help them to manage this type of accommodation. Talent House flats are modern, comfortable and practical. They have been designed with different user profiles in mind, offering a welcoming home from day one for families, couples and individuals. It also has a pioneering and comprehensive welcome programme, where a wide range of issues can be dealt with: from accommodation to a possible job for the accompanying person or a school for the children.

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to the following address:

More information at:


For owners



For owners

With the aim of facilitating accommodation to students and fostering more agile communication between owners and students, the University of Deusto offers the following accommodation management platform, which will facilitate the search and management.

The platform allows the incorporation of accommodation offers and favors and speeds up communication between applicants and suppliers, guaranteeing the use of personal data solely for that purpose.


Buddy Program

The Buddy Program was created in the 2009-10 academic year with the aim of promoting contact and interaction between local and international students who undertake an academic stay at the University of Deusto.

This programme helps local students to meet students from other countries and cultures, allowing them to enrich and broaden their university, international and, above all, personal experience. It will also favour the cultural immersion of both local and international students.


Within the programme there are two types of roles:

  • Big Buddy: University of Deusto local students.
  • Buddy: international students.

The University of Deusto also offers this Programme in Virtual format, so that all those students who wish to participate, can do so and enjoy the experience online.


  • If you are a local student from San Sebastian and you wnat to sign up for the Buddy Program, register here.
  • If you are an international student interested in the on-site programme in San Sebastian, register here.
  • If you are an international student of the International Virtual Campus and you are interested in the Virtual Buddy Program, register here.