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University of Deusto

Accommodation and orientation

The University of Deusto's Accommodation and Orientation Service has been created with the aim of making students' stay more comfortable, pleasant and easy. The Service offers information and organises a wide variety of activities to make students enjoy and get to know the advantages of living in Bilbao.

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24, Universidades Avenue. 48007 - Bilbao


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Accommodation in Bilbao

Alojamiento en el Colegio Mayor

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Alojamiento en el Colegio Mayor

El colegio Mayor Deusto es un centro universitario de la Compañía de Jesús y de la Universidad de Deusto. Abre sus puertas tanto a alumnos de la propia Universidad de Deusto como de la Universidad Pública Vasca. Su aspiración es ayudar a la formación de los jóvenes en el espíritu de responsabilidad creando hábitos de estudio.

El colegio aporta además una formación complementaria a través de la participación activa de los estudiantes del centro.

Tarifas y condiciones para estudiantes internacionales que se alojen en el Colegio Mayor.

Descubre el Colegio Mayor

Accommodation in BilbaoWhere can I stay?

Deusto Hall of Residence

Colegio Mayor Deusto is a residence hall of the Jesuit Order, open both to University of Deusto students and to University of the Basque Country students.The Residence Hall aspiration is to guide students in the spirit of responsibility by creating study habits, while they are at the University.

The residence hall also provides additional training through the active participation of students in the center.

Rates and conditions for international students staying at the Colegio Mayor

Discover the Deusto Hall of Residence

Shared flat and homestay accommodation

With the aim of facilitating accommodation to the members of the university community, the University of Deusto offers the following accommodation management platform to the University of Deusto students. It will facilitate the search and management of the accommodation. Access and use of the management tool requires prior registration as a user. This accommodation management platform is exclusively for students of the University of Deusto.

Municipal housing - Solidarity youth

The Bilbao Municipal Housing Programme for Youth Solidarity offers low rent flats (for 10 people) in the neighbourhoods of Otxarkoaga and Bilbao La Vieja for students enrolled in a postgraduate degree programme at the University of Deusto in return for involvement in community social activities (4 hours a week).

Length of stay: A complete academic year.

Deadline for submission of applications: 10th September

Requirements to qualify for the programme

Annexes to the programme

Other accommodation options in Bilbao

Discover the different options you have


Information for owners



Information for owners

With the aim of facilitating accommodation to students and fostering more agile communication between owners and students, the University of Deusto offers the following accommodation management platform, which will facilitate the search and management.

The platform allows the incorporation of accommodation offers and favors and speeds up communication between applicants and suppliers, guaranteeing the use of personal data solely for that purpose.

A space available for students to offer or demand services


Buddy Program

Buddy Program was born in the 2009-10 academic year in order to promote contact and interaction between local and international students who carry out and academic stay at the University of Deusto.

This programme helps local students to meet students from other countries and cultures, allowing them to enrich and expand their university, international and above all, personal experience. In addition, both local and international students will beneit from the cultural immersion.


Within the programme there are two types of roles:

  • Big Buddy: University of Deusto local students.
  • Buddy: international students.

The University of Deusto also offers this Programme in Virtual format, so that all those students who wish to participate, can do so and enjoy the experience online.


  • If you are a local student from Bilbao and you want to sign up for the Buddy Program, register here.
  • If you are an international student interested in the on-site programme in Bilbao, register here.
  • If you are an international student of the International Virtual Campus and you are interested in the Virtual Buddy Program, register here