Application period for the Deusto Summer School 2022 is now open


08 April 2022

Bilbao Campus

The University of Deusto launches the fourth edition of the Deusto Summer School. With the title Keep on learning to be part of the change, the program is linked to the Social Development Goals proposed by the United Nations Agenda 2030.

The international approach is the distinctive characteristic of the academic offer, in terms of both themes and students. Concerning the topics, the program comprises a multidisciplinar offer about a diverse range of global hot topics. Regarding the participants, the online methodology and bilingual offer (in English and Spanish) enable the access to the courses to learners from all over the world.

This year, the programme includes the following courses:

How to Model Human Behaviour Using Artificial Intelligence? | English | 20- 24 June
- Data Analytics and Applied Machine Learning | Spanish | 27 June - 1 July
- Gender Equality and Inclusion in Higher Education | English | 4 - 8 July
- Social Justice: Poverty and Criminal Law | Spanish | 11 - 15 July

The first two courses focus on the application of new technologies, artificial intelligence and Big Data to business and social development. The course linked to the gender equality in Higher Education will analyze the impact of gender in the selection of the academic studies and the career for women. The inequality, exclusion and criminalization of poverty in the legislation will be the topic of the last course of Deusto Summer School 2022.

Likewise, Deusto Business School will organize the Summer course: ESG: Investment and Finance. Besides, the Faculty of Law in collaboration with London College of Fashion (University of Arts London) will offer the course Fashion Law and Management.