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Keep on learning to be part of the change

Deusto Summer School 2021

Keep on learning to be part of the change

In the current context of profound transformation, we can not only adapt to it, but also become change agents. Deusto Summer School offers a program that provides the necessary tools to be part of the group defining these changes.

Deusto Summer School and Sustainable Development

Deusto Summer School is closely linked to the Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations’ Agenda 2030. Thus, each course is aligned to one of the SDGs, enabling participants, speakers and the University itself to become agents of this social transformation.

What do we offer you?

100% online and available wherever you are

We offer English and Spanish teaching

Courses in different areas: science, technology, business ...

1 ECTS courses and certificate of participation

Expert lecturers specialized in different areas

Deusto learning methodology applied to online learning

Discover our offer!

Deusto Summer School allows you to develop new skills, improve your professional career, get into the very latest matters and have fun by further learning about your favourite topics. We are working on the Deusto Summer School 2022 program. In the meantime, you can examine the 2021 course offer. 

Other courses taught in Summer at Deusto: 

The Faculty of Law of University of Deusto together with the Fashion Business School of the University of the Arts London offer this course: 

Deusto Business School organises the following Summer courses:

 ** Application process closed

Learn with University of Deusto Learning Model

The methodology of Deusto Summer School courses will be based on the Teaching Model of the University of Deusto (MAUD), adapted to distance learning. This model integrates the stages of contextualization, reflective observation, conceptualization, active experimentation and assessment. A methodology that enables autonomous learning and encourages the development of knowledge, skills, attitudes, capacities and values. This methodology guarantees a complete learning experience, so that every student can make use of their knowledge in the future.

More information
How you will learn?

Deusto Summer School applies this methodology using the following teaching resources:

  • Combination of live video conference classes with online learning, through resources and activities on the university's learning platform.
  • Use of learning materials in different formats for the presentation of theoretical content.
  • Carrying out different learning activities to verify the acquisition of both theoretical and practical knowledge and the acquisition of skills.
  • Monitoring and supervision of the students’ work.
Course planning

Participants personal work. Different activities in order to get initiated into the topic of the course.

Five live sessions, combined with personal work to be done before and after the video conferences.

Video conference session to sum up the program, solve questions and provide general feedback.

Do you want to participate in Deusto Summer School?

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