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At Deusto Campus Culture we want to contribute to channelling and developing the creativity and artistic taste that pulsates in our university community. We are convinced that art helps us to open up and transcend our everyday feelings towards deeper forms of our own sensitivity. To paraphrase a famous thinker, our motto is: Dare to feel!

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Theatre company


The company

Our theatre company members are highly engaged and eager to experience theatre to the fullest as they delve more deeply into acting, here at our University and at other venues, such as the Main Theatre in San Sebastian.

Candidates wishing to join Trikiñuela are required to have completed the first level of instruction and have received a very good assessment from the director, mainly based on their engagement and work. Subject to availability, candidates may also enter the company via a personal interview. This procedure is mainly applicable to students who have had significant experience in theatre and can contribute to greater mutual enrichment.


Educational theatre showcase: ''¡Dando guerra!"

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