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Getting your startup off the ground is easier with support!

DeustoKabi (Bilbao) and Innogune (Donostia/San Sebastian) are the two incubators of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit that assist those wishing to start up a business project. DeustoKabi and Innogune currently have around 50 initiatives in all areas and aimed at all types of audience.

Spaces, support, consultancy, training, networking, participation in activities and events, etc. Multiple services that will make it easier to set up projects.

This may interest you if:

  • You want to start a business project.
  • You need to have a space and the advice and support of a professional team.
  • You want to be part of an entrepreneurial ecosystem, surrounded by people in the same situation as you.


Campus Bilbao

Avda. de las Universidades 24
48007 - Bilbao
DeustoKabi, piso 4 edificio ESIDE

944 13 91 08

Campus San Sebastián

Mundaitz Kalea, 50
20012 Donostia, Gipuzkoa
Edificio Garate Innogunea

943 32 66 00


Do you have an idea?



Do you have an idea?

If you have a business idea or an entrepreneurial project and you would like us to help you get it off the ground, do not hesitate to contact us at or you can also complete the following form and we will contact you.

On the other hand, if you are interested in entrepreneurship and want to train in this area, visit us at DeustoKabi or Innogune and we will regularly invite you to the training initiatives, conferences and meetings that meet your needs.

Activities for Entrepreneurs


Deusto Entrepreneurship Dialogues

Talks, debates and meetings on innovation and entrepreneurship are organised on a monthly basis to inspire and continue to share moments with those who are starting up an entrepreneurial venture in our spaces and interested people in general.

Further information


Deusto Grow+ investment network

We coordinate a network of investors (business angels, family offices and investment funds) that connects those who are starting their own project with those wishing to invest in innovative projects.


Participation in forums/seminars/events

Being active and participating in events, forums and seminars on entrepreneurship ensures continuous growth and brings trends closer to those who are growing in incubators by offering a value proposition.

Borja Cembrero

It allows us to share concerns and problems with other startups and we can enjoy the advantages of being in a university environment.

Borja CembreroCEO of Naiz Fit, startup of Innogune
Arkaitz Larrinaga

Deusto Emprende works together with the initiatives undertaken to tackle different scenarios and provide solutions to present and future challeng...

Arkaitz LarrinagaCEO of Mugikon, startup of DeustoKabi

Discover initiatives that are active in our incubators!

Deusto Emprende Blog

Investment and Finance

Grow+ Network

We connect startups and investors to build trusted relationships in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Grow+ is Deusto Innovation and Entrepreneurship's commitment to bringing startups and business angels closer together and generating new win-win relationships. The initiative aims to support entrepreneurs in their search for funding, a fundamental line of work in the start-up of new projects. We connect startups with investors and business angels interested in investing in and supporting entrepreneurial projects with high growth potential.

We have a group of investors made up of business angels, individual and corporate investors, managers, family offices and representatives of venture capital funds. We have developed and presented to investment forums projects in the initial or seed phase in strategic sectors such as: ICT platforms, industry 4.0, bio-health, foodtech or circular economy, among others.

This may interest you if:

  • You are currently looking for funding to boost your project.
  • You want to invest in a start-up project with high growth potential.

crecer +


Almudena Recio
944 139 108 Ext. 2824



How do we work at Crecer+?



Deck and personal interview.



Selection made by the Crecer+ team and investors in the network.



with the shortlisted projects to participate in the Investment Forum.



After the Investment Forum, we will join the promoter team to the meeting(s) with the investors.

Crecer+ in figures

75investment agents and business angels

30financed entrepreneurial projects

11years of life

€6,9 million invested

36forums held

Main sectors of interest, investment criteria and future challenges

Do you want to know more about Crecer+?

Marta Toro - Parkinsongs

Deusto Emprende not only offers the advantages of a consolidated brand and environment, but also has a friendly, agile and highly professional te...

Marta ToroCEO of Parkinsongs

Companies created in Deusto


Companies created in Deusto

Deusto Emprende supports and accompanies entrepreneurs who want to develop an entrepreneurial idea or project.

Discover the entrepreneurial initiatives of our spaces for entrepreneurship at DeustoKabi and Innogune!

Further information

In our incubators at Deustokabi and Innogune

Entrepreneurial initiatives