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Graduate in Medicine and Surgery (University of the Basque Country UPV 1988). She specialises in Legal Medicine; Bachelor's degree in Clinical Psychology (UNED 2.006); Master’s degree in Mental Health and Psychotherapeutic Techniques (University of Deusto, 1995); Master’s degree in Neurosciences (UPV 2013); PhD in Neurosciences with a thesis entitled "El homicidio y los homicidas. Estudio descriptivo del homicidio en la provincia de Bizkaia (1992-2013) Características clínicas, médico-legales y jurídicas de los acusados de homicidio”. She qualified as a coroner through competitive examinations (1992). She is a member of the Biscay sub-directorate at the Basque Institute of Legal Medicine, and specialised forensic psychiatry (following the selective process of the Basque Government and training at the Psychiatry Unit of Basurto Hospital (2000-01). She works in the forensic psychiatry unit of the IVML, Biscay sub-directorate, with a particular focus on minors involved in judicial processes and intra-family violence (in the Comprehensive Forensic Assessment Unit).

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