Relational-Systemic PsychotherapyMaster's degree

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    Apply your knowledge


    Internships are an essential part of the Master’s programme and involve a total of 18/24 ECTS for internships.

    All clinical tutors are accredited family therapists with experience in different relational issues (trauma, bereavement, inter-parental conflict, domestic violence, etc.).

    Internships - Diploma in Systemic-Relational Psychotherapy

    Systemic-Relational Psychotherapy

    Application in the world of work



    Systemic-relational psychotherapy is a discipline in the field of mental health that addresses the diagnosis and treatment of mental and emotional disordersfrom a systemic and relational perspective.


    In their work, family and couple psychotherapists focus on relational processes as a key element in understanding health.


    Issues addressed

    Some of the issues addressed could be the following: depression, anxiety, life adjustment, substance abuse, eating disorders, loss and grief, parent-child conflicts, difficulties with children and adolescents, intimate partner violence, mental health in children and adolescents, etc.

    This programme will also provide a clinical response to the problems associated with different family structures (divorce, single parenthood, adoption, homoparentality, reconstituted families, transnational families…), etc.


    In coordination

    Psychotherapists work cooperatively with other health and mental health professionals to ensure the comprehensive treatment that the patient needs.


    In a community context, psychotherapists will work with lawyers, educators, social workers, mediators, etc. in order to provide comprehensive care.

    Graduates of this programme may work in:

    Professional fields

    The following are some of the areas in which you can work:

    • Private practice
    • Psychiatric units
    • Family guidance and counselling centres
    • Care centres for couples,
    • Children’s clinical services,
    • Care for adolescents in outpatient or residential treatment
    • Addiction treatment devices
    • Community services,
    • Mental health evaluation centres or intervention,
    • Programmes related to courts or alternative sentences,
    • Services related to addressing domestic violence,
    • Mediation services,
    • Pastoral councils,
    • Student health services at schools, etc.
    • Etc.