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    Internships in companies with an international focus

    The last stage of the Master's degree in European and International Business Management consists of an internship in a company, preferably in a country whose mother tongue is different from your own. 

    The overall objective of this internship is to give students work experience with a high level of responsibility for a certain period of time and under the supervision of a tutor.





    3 - 6 month internships

    The internship lasts  3 - 6 months and is monitored by our teaching staff as well as by an on-site supervisor at the company. 



    Companies with an international focus

    You will do a full-time internship, preferably in organisations with an international scope and/or located abroad.

    A service that supports you in designing your professional career from the start of your Master's degree

    Career Services Department


    You will receive the support and follow-up you need to find the right internship for your profile and interests.

    You will meet with yourCareer Advisorto see what jobs, sectors and geographic locations you are interested in and to prepare your curriculum vitae, profile on LinkedIn, and a compelling cover letter


    You can attend these sessions with expert recruitment consultants who will give you tips on how to deal with job interviews, help you to prepare group dynamics, and work on your elevator pitch

    You will be able to access our internship platform and see the offers from companies that trust in the profile of Deusto Business School. Each student has access to an average of 8-12 internship offers.

    We will inform you about companies’ talent searches: Google holds virtual sessions to raise awareness of its recruitment process, strategy consultancy McKinsey offers a workshop on a real consultancy project…

    At this annual event, current students have the opportunity to participate in more than 50 scheduled activities including: interacting with company representatives, presenting CVs, networking sessions, meeting recruiters, attending seminars, etc. 

    The following organisations participated in the past edition of the Employment and Entrepreneurship Fair: Acciona, Amenabar, Boston Consulting Group, Idom, Deloitte, Decathlon, Elecnor, Elkargi, Euskaltel, Everis, EY, Fineco, Iberdrola, KPMG, Ibermática, Management Solutions, Mondelez, HP, PWC, Sixt, and Tecuni. 

    Careers Services Department

    Some of our partner companies

    Where are internships held?

    Your first step towards an international career

    Career opportunities

    With this Master's degree you will be able to quickly enter the job market, usually in multinational companies and in positions where your language skills and multicultural experience are particularly valued. 

    The average time of job insertion after completion of the Master's degree is:

    90.91%employability rate (last graduating class). Most of the graduates received a job offer at the end of their internship.

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    Fields of study


    Where do our students work?


    Mikel Brabec student

    Being able to study in 3 different languages in Spain, France and the UK, while having the chance to work in small interdisciplinary groups is a great opportunity.

    Mikel Brabec

    Internship at Banco Santander. Currently working at KPMG as Consultant - Multishore Tax Reporting.

     Javier Hernández

    What has marked my life the most during this experience has been the cultural exchange and the humanity that I have experienced living with people from different cultures.

    Javier Hernández

    Junior Business Planner at CIC biomaGUNE

    Claudia Morell

    The fact that my first work experience was at a multinational company in Belgium has been a great opportunity for my career.

    Claudia Morell

    Internship at Bridgestone (Belgium). Currently working at Tesla

    Louis Machicote

    Studying in 3 different countries and languages has been an amazing experience, I learnt about different ways of working and thinking.

    Louis Machicote (France)

    Junior Global Buyer at Danone (Amsterdam)

    María Uriarte

    This Master's degree gives you the knowledge and skills you need to take part in international projects and environments.

    María Uriarte (Spain)

    Inventory Deployment Senior Specialist at Ab Inbev (Prague). Currently working at Amazon

    Leticia Jordá

    I did a 6-month internship at ISDIN where I got a permanent position

    Leticia Jordá

    Consumer Experience at ISDIN

    You will be able to join this network of more than 15,000 alumni and benefit from its services once you have completed your Master's degree

    Deusto Business Alumni

    Career development

    Find everything you need to advance your career. We will assist you in your job search and help you decide what options are best for you and how to make the most of them.

    Take advantage of the synergies and enhance the valuable connections of this broad professional network of more than 7,000 members.

    Keep up to date with the latest trends and news through our events and publications.

    You may be eligible for very competitive conditions thanks to the agreements with Deusto Business Alumni's sponsors and partner companies.