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      Internships in auditing firms

      During the second semester (January-May) you will do an internship in an auditing firm.

      The Spanish Institute of Chartered Accountants, and specifically its Basque Country Territorial Group, will manage your grant-aided internship to enable you to acquire skills in accounting and auditing from a practical point of view.

      The internship module will be structured into two phases:



      Selection process

      During the months of November and December, students are assigned to different auditing firms participating in the internship programme.

      The assignment is made after a selection process by the firms based on CVs and interviews.




      From January through May, you will carry out your internship in the firm where you have been selected, performing the tasks of a junior in the teams in which they join to audit companies.

      Some of the companies we collaborate with

      Where are internships held?

      Your first step towards a career in auditing

      Career opportunities

      This Master's Degree in Auditing will allow you to quickly enter the labour market. A significant proportion of participants find a job placement through the internships completed in the master's degree.  

      At the end of the master's degree, you will have the skills required to work in an auditing firm.

      You will be able to develop your professional career in:

      • Account auditing, both in independent firms and in the internal audit departments of companies.
      • Economic-financial management of companies
      • Controllers
      • Bankruptcy administrators
      • Financial statement analysts
      • Expert accountants
      • etc.

      The insertion rate after completion of the master's degree is:

      More than 90%employability rate (latest promotions)

      Where do our students work?

      Inspiring stories

      Noelia Fonseca

      My day-to-day life allows me to get to know many companies and their teams, which is very enriching both professionally and personally.

      Noelia Fonseca

      Assistant at Deloitte. Currently working at IMV Group

      Maite Martínez

      At PwC, I was considered part of their team from day one, which allowed me to optimise my learning and integration into the teams.

      Maite Martínez

      PwC (Bilbao)

      Iluna Uriarte Estudiante

      The fact that internships are offered with leading international companies means that all the knowledge acquired can be optimally developed.

      Iluna Uriarte

      Audit Junior at Mazars

      You will be able to join this network of more than 15,000 alumni and benefit from its services once you have completed your Master's degree

      Deusto Business Alumni

      Career development

      Find everything you need to advance your career. We will assist you in your job search and help you decide what options are best for you and how to make the most of them.

      Take advantage of the synergies and enhance the valuable connections of this broad professional network of more than 7,000 members.

      Keep up to date with the latest trends and news through our events and publications.

      You may be eligible for very competitive conditions thanks to the agreements with Deusto Business Alumni's sponsors and partner companies.