Expert Programme in General Management2024 edition - Admission process open

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    Times are changing. Business management is changing with them.

    Sometimes, it is necessary to take a break from the daily grind and take the pulse of an ever-changing reality.

    The Expert Programme in General Management (PDG) offers you a space to slow down for a while, challenge how you are doing things, and broaden your scope.

    You will consider your leadership style, acquire the most up-to-date tools for business management and equip yourself with new resources to boost your company's competitiveness and care for the well-being of your team.


    When: February 2024

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    Bilbao Campus

    • Campus:

      Bilbao Campus

    • Programme name:

      Expert Programme in General Management - PDG

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    • Programme type

      On campus

    • Application process:

      Applications now open

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      Mondays from 09:00 to 18:30

    • Faculty:

      Deusto Business School
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    The General Management Programme (GMP) is right for you if you have an extensive professional background in:


    Management or senior management

    and you are looking to test your management skills and keep up to date with new management trends.

    Related positions

    • Property
    • General management
    • SME management



    Managing departments or teams

    and you need a more global perspective of the organisation and a strategic vision encompassing all organisational areas.

    Related positions

    • Functional management
    • Department management
    • Business area management

    Academic Management

    Participant profile

    45 years oldaverage age

    20 years oldAverage professional experience

    Keys to new leadership


    Strategic vision A new approach

    Make a personal reflection to gain insight into your day-to-day life

    Review your conceptual framework and analyse the changing environment

    Review your business model and rethink your future strategy


    Decision-making. Faster and more effective responses

    Learn to ask the right questions

    Analyse the relevant variables in each situation

    Keep a long-term vision to be competitive and sustainable over time


    Humanistic leadership: A differential value

    It stems from a humanistic approach to leadership.

    Develops new leadershipskills and behaviours

    Make a difference in team development

    The Deusto Business School Executive Education method

    The secret of a transformative learning experience

    More than master classes

    Case studies, practical exercises …We offer you a learning experience that combines a variety of methods and resources, allowing you to express your views on the proposed ideas and to debate openly based on your own experience.

    Getting off to a good start

    Build a solid foundation on which to build the new learning community to ensure maximum performance and group cohesion from day one.

    Learn while you experiment

    Learn, while experiencing first-hand, the theoretical concepts and frameworks of people leadership and develop your team management skills through experiential methods.

    Get ready to manage your teams better

    Benefit from a personal coaching process during and after the programme. Start by getting to know yourself better, move on to managing yourself better and finish by managing the people in your teams better.

    Experiences as a source of inspiration

    Attend meetings with leading figures from the business, economic and social world to learn about their vision, experience and personal experiences gained over the years.

    From theory to practice

    Showcase the skills and knowledge acquired in a tutor-guided project on a free theme, which can be applied in real-life situations, turning what you have learnt into new solutions or conclusions.

    The General Management Project experience goes on

    Deusto Business School will be with you throughout your professional life, creating spaces that will enable you to keep updating your skills and provide opportunities to promote graduate reunions.


    International Recognition

    What do our participants think?

    Louise Delclaux

    I highly recommend this experience. It gives you the opportunity to step out of the day-to-day and reflect on essential management issues.

    Louise Delclaux

    Managing Director at Guardian Glass Services

    Andoni Maiz

    Excellent for its teaching staff and the level of classmates. It helps you gain insight and open your mind thanks to the shared experiences.

    Andoni Maiz

    Marketing and Sales Director at SNA Europe

    Maria Oña

    It has driven my ambition to achieve the best version of myself at all levels. I think it is the most reliable way to become a leader.

    Maria Oña

    Managing Director of Proinyec SL

    Carlos Bruña

    It has helped me to make the right decisions. Reflecting and debating in such a diverse environment has been a very fruitful experience.

    Carlos Bruña

    International Account and Channel Director at Nomad Foods Europe

    Further information

    Admissions Department

    Asun Angulo
    Tel. 944 139 483

    Programme Director

    Marisol Basabe