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      Salidas profesionales

      El inicio de una carrera profesional con gran proyección de futuro

      El doble grado en ADE + Derecho te ofrece una excelente preparación tanto jurídica como empresarial, siendo un doble perfil muy demandado, con un alto nivel de empleabilidad y proyección de futuro.

      Deusto Business School y la Facultad de Derecho mantienen una estrecha relación con una amplia red de empresas colaboradoras, que permite a los estudiantes conocer de primera mano las demandas y necesidades del entorno profesional y tener una primera experiencia laboral antes de terminar los estudios. Es por ello que sus graduados son profesionales versátiles y capaces de adaptarse a múltiples funciones dentro de las organizaciones. 

      98,5%Tasa de empleo (promoción 2019)

      + 500Empresas colaboradoras

      Professional experience before completing your studiesInternships in companies

      For 100% of our students

      Internships are compulsory and are done in 5th year. They are supervised by qualified professionals at the host companies and by a lecturer from the faculty.

      At least 6 ECTS credits

      All students do an internship in a company worth at least 6 ECTS credits, which may be extended with an extracurricular internship.

      Managed by the university

      The Careers Department manages internship placements to match students' profiles and interests. 

      Job search

      A bridge between university and business

      Careers Service Department

      In addition to managing students' curricular and extracurricular internships, this department offers two key services for the job search process. 

      • Guidance: individual interviews, how to prepare a CV or face a selection process, advice on career options, etc. 
      • Training: seminars with recruitment professionals on relevant topics such as international employment, employment 2.0, recruitment processes, etc.

      With more than 7,000 members, this alumni network helps former students enter the labour market. In addition to a job search service, the association offers training, corporate presentations, meetings with professionals, networking and exclusive discounts on services for its members.

      Deusto Law Alumni is the official alumni association of the University of Deusto Law School. A non-profit association that has the support of relevant personal and professional personalities. Its aim is to continue to grow and maintain the prestige and pride of being a member.

      At this annual event, current and former students have the opportunity to apply for job offers for all profiles. The event includes more than 50 activities have been scheduled: interacting with companies, presenting CVs, networking, contacting recruiters, attending webinars, etc. 

      In last year’s event the following entities took part: Acciona, Amenabar, Boston Consulting Group, Idom, Deloitte, Decathlon, Elecnor, Elkargi, Euskaltel, Everis, EY, Fineco, Iberdrola, KPMG, Ibermática, Management Solutions, Mondelez, HP, PWC, Sixt and Tecuni.

      Every year, important national and international companies come to the university to carry out their selection processes among final year students on campus. 

      It is a two-week excellence programme that will allow you to undertake an in company learning experience, doing an internship at a national (national week) or international (international week) office of an international law firm or institution.


      Agreements with entities from many sectors

      Collaborating companies

      A transformative experience

      International Solidarity Internship Programme

      About the programme

      As part of our commitment to bring together vocational training and values-based education, this programme offers internships in organisations that support different economic-productive and social projects in Latin America and India. These curricular internships have an academic weight between 6 and 12 ECTS. 

      Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, India... Year after year, new projects arise together with different organisations located in developing countries, which seek to transform the most vulnerable and impoverished families and communities in the South.

      In the summer of 3rd year, with the internship lasting 6 to 8 weeks. In addition, the programme requires pre-training by Alboan, as well as a post-assessment. 

      "My work at HDRC (Human Development and Research Centre) was based on conducting a research study on how economic organisations promote leadership and entrepreneurship among women members in rural India. It was very satisfying to analyse business management from a social perspective. At last I found a professional alternative that I felt was right for me. I am now looking forward to further training in this field

      Itxaso Aranguren

      Internship in Ahmedabad, India 


      Professional fieldsWhat will be my career options?

      Business areas

      Auditing, consulting, finance, marketing, international departments, banking and financial services, start-up, logistics and purchasing departments, operations management, tax departments, human resources, quality and innovation, organisational development, corporate social responsibility, etc…


      Law areas

      Advocacy: criminal law, civil law, administrative law, town planning, bioethics, sports law, maritime law, arbitration and mediation.

      Business: legal advice, human resources, occupational health and safety.

      Public administrations: justice (judge, public prosecutor, court clerk…), finance, registry and notary's office, labour and social security.

      In positions where both areas are combined

      Tax, commercial and labour consultancy for companies, consultancy in new areas of law (environment, internet and new technologies, intellectual property), legal department in companies, human resources department, corporate social responsibility departments, international trade and contracting, general management...


      Organizamos actividades para que afrontes con éxito tu futuro profesional: gestión de marca personal, sesión de CV, entrevista personal, etc.

      Departamento de Carreras ProfesionalesNatalia Pastor