Bachelor's degree in Tourism+ International Trade Skills

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    International tourism sector

    New challenges

    Would you like to know how international tourism works? Understand the keys to the unexpected tourism boom in countries like Iceland or Colombia? Study the lights and shadows of any tourism boom? Have your heard about the gentrification of cities? Or about film and TV series tourism, such as Game of Thrones or Outlander? Would you like to know how these sociological, cultural, economic and urban phenomena interact with the variation of international tourist flows?


    Strategic vision of tourism

    Complement your Bachelor’s degree in Tourism with 7 subjects (36 ECTS) taught in English spread over 4 academic years. You will need to demonstrate having a B2 level in English to pursue the Deusto degree programme.


    International trade

    The Deusto degree programme in International Trade Skills offers an international vision of tourism management and planning to respond to the need for international tourism professionals, with a strategic vision and an ethical and sustainable approach.

    4 Fields of study


    International Business Environment

    You will learn about international markets through the «case study» methodology. You will learn to manage the logistics, financial, purchasing and transport operations of companies in an international context.


    Subjects: Geoeconomics and Power


    Business Analysis

    You will develop skills in management and international marketing as well as the opening of new markets. In addition, you will develop skills to conduct research, collect data and information and know how to manage and present them. You will acquire competences in international marketing and management and the opening of new markets.


    Subjects: Business Statistics and Marketing Research, Spreadsheet Skills and Business Analysis


    Legal and financial aspects of a Global Business

    You will analyse and manage the complexity of the global economic and social environment in the decision-making process of companies, going deeper into the legal and financial aspects.


    Subjects: Legal aspects of a Global Business


    International Strategy

    You will discover the fundamental aspects of the internationalisation strategy of companies and organisations in a global, diverse and multicultural environment.


    Subjects: International Strategy Management, International Trade Management and Financial Aspects of a Global Business


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