Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy

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    Clinical internships from 2nd year onwards

    Live and experience what you learn

    The internships in the double degree are a fundamental pillar for you to put into practice and complement the theoretical knowledge and competences you have acquired.

    You will carry out more than 1,000 hours of external internships from your 2nd year, which will give you the opportunity to gain insight into the professional practice of physiotherapy through a personalised and individually supervised plan.

    Internships start early in 2nd year with a first 4 week  internship in centres with a social and health care profile. . In your 3rd year, you will enjoy an eight-week internship where, in addition to social and health care centres, the offer is extended to other type care centres (hospitals, centres, sports clubs, etc.). In 4th year, two 8-week periods have been scheduled at centres with a higher level of specialisation (neurology centres, foundations for special populations, etc.).

    In addition, students will have a clinical tutor who will provide them with individual supervision during the different periods.

    Career opportunities

    Career opportunities…

    The Degree in Physiotherapy qualifies you for multiple job opportunities in both the public and private sectors: 

    • Health centres and hospitals
    • Primary health care centres
    • Physiotherapy centres and clinics
    • Social and health care centres
    • Residential homes for the elderly
    • Home care services
    • Recreational centres and sports clubs
    • Mental health centres
    • Educational establishments
    • Teaching and research at universities
    • Management positions
    • Freelance practice
    • Spas and specialised treatment centres