Bachelor's degree in Industrial Technology Engineering

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      A holistic view of industry processes and organisation


      This Bachelor’s degree offers you the broadest and most comprehensive training in industrial technologies and the ability to design, build and manage all types of industrial installations, systems and mechanisms. The Basque Country is a highly industrialised region; it has a large sector of industrial companies that need industrial engineers capable of responding to the needs that we find around us.

      The Faculty of Engineering maintains a close relationship with a wide network of collaborating companies, which allows students to gain first-hand knowledge of the demands and needs of the professional environment. That is why graduates are versatile professionals who have the flexibility to adapt to different jobs in organisations. 

      Industrial engineering is the most in-demand technical qualification, according to the ADECCO 2019 report.

      DeustoAlumni will facilitate your access to the labour market. It will provide you with legal guidance and advice on all employment-related matters.

      We have a team of experts who have been working in the field of employment and career guidance for more than 10 years. From the last years of your degree you will be able to participate in workshops and seminars with individual monitoring of your employability.

      Deusto Alumni

      Over 40 years’ experience training professionals

      Deusto Engineering

      +125Collaborating companies

      98.4%Employment rate

      100%Embedded employment rate (graduates working in a field that relates to their degree)

      2ndUniversity for teaching (U-Ranking 2020)


      Various sectors

      Industrial Engineering is present in sectors as diverse as iron and steel, automotive, electrical energy, petrochemicals, food, the environment, electronics, construction, industrial installations, etc.

      Projects and innovation

      You will manage projects, facilities, plants, businesses and technology centres both technically and economically. You will also be able to research, develop and innovate products and processes.


      You will be able to plan, calculate and design products, structures, processes and installations. In addition, you will be able to carry out verification and control of installations, processes and products, certifications, audits and tests.


      You will design and test thermal machines and engines, hydraulic machines, industrial heating and cooling systems.


      Perform tasks related to general management, technical management and R+D+i project management in induatrial companies.

      Data Analytics

      You will learn to apply data collection technologies,data processing and analysis in industrial environments to design smarter processes and factories.

      From general knowledge to specialisation



      From general knowledge to specialisation


      Internships in companies are an essential complement to professional development

      Internships are guaranteed for 100% of the students, focused on gaining professional experience that will be highly valued for their labour market integration.

      All internships are optional and are held in 4th year. They are supervised by qualified professionals at the host centre and by a lecturer from the faculty.

      General training that will allow you to adapt to any sector

      You will be able to work in...

      Industrial companies

      Industrial companies in the manufacturing, automotive, energy, new materials, equipment, chemical, refining, etc. sectors.

      Technical, managerial or administrative areas in industrial or service sector companies. All types of service sector companies in technical or managerial areas.

      Project engineering companies.

      Marketing and installation of industrial products.

      Industrial R&D&I centres or departments.