Bachelor´s Degree in Basque Language and Culture

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      The first job experience


      You will make use of the competences and abilities acquired throughout the degree by working. We have a broad network of partner schools and firms to guarantee that all our students complete their compulsory internships.

      Internships enable students to acquire skills and capacities in real-world scenarios which are closely related to their future career. This first work experience is an ideal opportunity to show their professional aptitudes and to enrich their curriculum vitae.



      Students are guaranteed internships in 4th ºyear

      The internships are completed in firms and public and private institutions and agencies.  There is a wide range of possibilities: from translation agencies, language assessment consultancy, publishing firms, Basque language schools..


      An on site supervisor from the internship centre and a tutor from the University of Deusto will provide students with personalised support to ensure their experience enables them to apply the skills and knowledge they have acquired in the Bachelor's degree programme.


      Graduates of this programme have good job prospects in...




      As a Basque to Spanish translator


      Secondary school and baccalaureate

      Teaching in secondary school and baccalaureate programmes


      Language academies

      Teaching In language academies, Basque language and literacy programmes


      Language planning

      Basque language normalisation and revitalisation, management of languages in our context, cultural intermediation, assessment for agencies and firms and design and implementation of multilingual plans.


      The publishing industry and communication

      Writers, editors, or script writers for documentaries, proofreaders; language consultants; publications managers



      Networking language resources

      Text corpora, dictionaries, language consultancy tools.

      Assistance in your job search

      The University provides you with...


      The Deusto Alumni Association also assists graduates in entering the job market, offering them guidance and legal advice on employment. Through this association, we help you to develop your entrepreneurial spirit and implement your business ideas.

      Furthermore, DeustuLan, the Centre for Full Labour Insertion, will give you a hand in finding your first jobs and advise you on the fields most suitable for your goals and training. Here you will also find tips for preparing for job interviews, your CV and other job search-related aspects.

      We organise the Job Forum every year, giving you the opportunity to contact with companies, submit your CV, attend presentations, seminars and workshops and even take part in job selection processes.