Certificate Request - Diploma in Advanced Studies (DEA)

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Once the classes and research training for the doctoral studies have been completed (R.D. 778/1998), and the Research Aptitude Exam has been passed, students can apply for the Certificate-Diploma in Advanced Studies (DEA).

How can I request my degree certificate?

You can request your degree certificate by post or on campus

Important instructions as a result of the health situation by COVID19:

  • Only one person at a time will be allowed to enter; only the candidate or authorised person may do so.
  • If possible, avoid travelling outside the appointment time for registration.
  • If you have any specific queries, you can contact us by phone or by email. Please read all the information available on this page and on the forms before submitting your query.
  • To avoid unnecessary travel, please check beforehand that you have all the supporting documents required.
  • Due to capacity limitations, it is important that you respect the appointment time given to you for registration.
  • Bring your own pen to sign your request form.

Supporting documents

Once you have successfully completed your studies, you can request your degree certificate.

To do this, you must complete the application form, along with the required supporting documents. You will find further information on the application form itself.

Download forms

Please note: For Eramus Mundus degree certificates, please contact the Master’s office before submitting your request.

Documents of interest


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