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    Faculty of Social and Human Sciences

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    Gobierno Vasco A

    Brief description of research aims

    The Deusto Social Values Team is made up of teaching and research staff from the Social Work and Sociology Department of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences at the University of Deusto. Research is basically carried out in the fields of Sociology and Social Work. The methodologies used are both quantitative and qualitative, with a cross-cutting presence of the gender perspective.

    It is one of the three research teams that support the PhD Programme in Human Rights: Ethical, Social and Political Challenges at the University of Deusto. The Deusto Social Values Team at the University of Deusto has has been recognised as a team of excellence three times in a row in the calls of the Basque Government’s Education Department (2006-2012; 2013-2018 and 2018-2021). On all three occasions it has been awarded an ''A'' status. The central theme of the team is the analysis of social values, which is carried out along two main research areas: 1. Analysis of society and democracy through the study of the political fact and 2. Welfare and Social Policy, through the study of social inclusion-exclusion processes and intervention systems.

    The longitudinal and comparative perspectives are key methodological tools since the Deusto Social Values Team represents Spain in the European Value Survey Group (EVS), is a member of the EVS Executive Board, and has been implementing the survey since 1981. The Deusto Social Values Team does not only carry out quantitative analyses of the European survey and of the improvement of statistical exploitation, but also prioritises theoretical reflection. It also carries out more applied research which, based on the knowledge provided by the data, can contribute to improving social intervention systems and provide answers to the social inclusion and exclusion processes faced by our society.

    Research areas

    - Values, Equality, Society and Democracy.
    - Values, Equality, Welfare and Social Policy.
    * Team recognised by the Basque Government


    Principal Investigator
    María Silvestre

    Iratxe Aristegui
    Felix Arrieta
    Edurne Bartolomé
    Usue Beloki
    Ane Ferrán
    Jone Goirigolzarri
    Edurne González
    Cinta Guinot
    Ainhoa Izagirre
    Estibaliz Linares
    Amaia Mosteiro
    Arantxa Rodríguez
    Raquel Royo
    Mabel Segú
    Manuel María Urrutia
    Fernanda Campanini
    Irene García
    Kamatayeva Ayauzhan
    Jan Schulz-Weiling
    Bakarne Etxeberria
    Ana Sofi Telletxea
    Verónica Gallo
    Jorge Parra
    Ana Uriarte
    Marta Ezquerecocha
    Anton Elosegui
    Asier Zafra
    Alba Antón
    Sarai Vegas
    Erkunde Aldaz
    Ane Izulain
    Mirelur González
    Argiñe Eirós
    María de las Mercedes Oleaga
    Ainhoa Areizaga
    Ainhoa Mendicote
    Paloma Ellis
    Marta Moreno
    Beatriz Cristina Rodríguez
    Diana Carolina Tibaná