Visit of 4th year ADE students to the DHL HUB at Vitoria-Gasteiz airport

Estudiantes de Deusto Business School en el aeropuerto de Vitoria-Gasteiz

14 December 2022

San Sebastian Campus

Students from the 4th year of ADE at Deusto Business School visited the HUB that the transport company DHL has at Vitoria-Gasteiz airport. In the morning, Iñigo Rosas, Director of Marketing, Sales and Customer Service of DHL e-commerce solutions Iberia, Aitor Alegría, Head of Product Management and Business Development of DHL e-commerce solutions, and Tomás Holgado, Operations Director of DHL Aviation, Express Iberia participated as guest speakers in the course Strategic Decisions in Distribution of the 4th year of the degree in Business Administration and Management.

Although the visit was in person, they also connected online with DHL's cargo terminal at Vitoria-Gasteiz airport, DHL's main air HUB in IBERIA.

Coinciding with the evening operations, the Erasmus students visited the road transport Hub in Jundiz Vitoria and the DHL Express HUB at the airport.

They learned about the great transformation that the sector has been undergoing in recent years, mainly due to two fundamental factors: on the one hand, the irruption of e-commerce in our lives and the consequent increase in B2C transport with home delivery to the end consumer, and on the other hand, the increasingly necessary objective of reducing CO2 emissions throughout the logistics chain.

A big challenge as, on the one hand, an increase in the number of transactions and mainly in the number of deliveries is expected, and on the other hand, the need to be done with less or no pollution.

To this end, DHL is developing innovative logistics solutions, such as the installation of "Service Points" less than 10 minutes away from every home. In addition, it has set itself the goal of zero emissions by 2050.

One of the effects of the pandemic is that the end consumer is no longer just buying small items online, but is being encouraged to buy large items such as furniture, so new logistics needs and opportunities are emerging.

One of DHL's challenges is to avoid second or third delivery attempts, with the triple objective of customer satisfaction, cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

During the visit to the terminal at the airport and HUB, they explained to us how the tasks of unloading aircraft, scanning, control and classification of shipments and their subsequent loading onto aircraft for shipments in transit and onto trucks or delivery vans for shipments to be delivered in the area of influence of the Vitoria-Gasteiz terminal work.

Professor Esteban Salegi interviewed them as part of the panel discussion with experts in distribution channels.