Safe, orderly and regular migration

Una migración segura, ordenada y regular

03 March 2023

Bilbao Campus

On 10 February, Cristina Churruca, researcher at the University of Deusto's Human Rights Institute, took part in the Peace Research Seminar in Zaragoza with the session 'The United Nations and the challenge of safe, orderly and regular migration. Strengthening international cooperation to restore migrants' dignity'.

In her presentation, the lecturer explained the policies that are needed for safe, orderly and regular migration, both at the national and international level, as well as the ways in which we can combat the discourses of 'they are invading us' or 'they are coming to take our jobs'.

The seminar, whose main theme was to become aware of a new time in the active culture of peace, was organised by the Fundación Seminario de Investigación para la Paz, the Human Rights Section of the Royal Bar Association of Zaragoza and Cáritas Zaragoza.

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