Deusto will be hosting the 10th Conference "El autor en el Nuevo Mundo de la Edición”

Organised by the Basque Writers' Association/Euskadiko Idazleen Elkartea (AEE/EIE), the speakers include University researchers Lorena Fernández and Begoña García Zapirain.

The activities on 8 September will be held in the Deusto Library

08 September 2023

Bilbao Campus

The Basque Writers' Association/Euskadiko Idazleen Elkartea (AEE/EIE) will be holding the 10th Conference entitled “El autor en el Nuevo Mundo de la Edición” on 7 and 8 September at the Sala BBK, the University of Deusto and the Biscay Regional Library. It will be held with the support of the Basque Government's Culture Department and the collaboration of the Biscay Regional Library, Sala BBK, the University of Deusto, the Basque Publishers' Guild, Cedro and Vintalis. Alongside writer Bernardo Atxaga, participants include Deusto researchers Lorena Fernández and Begoña García Zapirain.

George Orwell said that “It's not so much staying alive, it's staying human that's important”, and it is under this premise that the impact of AI will be analysed in a sector where creativity prevails and in which, with the entry of AI, several of the tasks related to it will be affected. On a technological level, the positive impact of AI and computational versus human creativity in activities such as audio production, text production and even thought development is certainly already shaping the present and outlining the future of the publishing industry.

In this regard, machines and their creations will be the focus of this conference, which aims to find out the extent to which we can benefit from their presence in our creative and business reality and how they can benefit from our human condition. During the various sessions, leading experts from Europe, the United States and Latin America will analyse the benefits of machines and how they can help to correct works better, to translate them more accurately, because nowadays they not only detect errors, but also understand the context.


The conference will open on Thursday 7 at 19:30 in the Sala BBK with a talk entitled "Sobre fantasmas", delivered by Bernardo Atxaga. The following day, 8 September, the activities will be held at Deusto’s CRAI Library. After the opening by the Basque Government’s Regional Minister, Bingen Zupiria, the international publisher, Ed Nawotka, a specialist in book sales and founder of the international magazine Publishers Weekly (USA), will give a lecture at 10:00 on how culture influences politics and vice versa, and will later be interviewed by the journalist from El País, Jesús Ruiz Mantilla.

Then, at 11:15, Roberto Carreras, founder of the AI company Voikers, together with Lorena Fernández, director of Digital Communication at Deusto, whose work focuses on incorporating the gender perspective in research, will analyse what robots talk about and how they talk. This will be followed by a talk by technology entrepreneur Antonio Quirós who will present Intelivoz, a new way of creating synthetic voices from real voices, at 12.20.

“Entender la IA más allá del ChatGpt” is the title of the roundtable that will be held at 13:00. Participants will include the Deusto lecturer and researcher Begoña García Zapirain, creator of a programme that helps in cognitive rehabilitation processes; journalist Laura Ellis, technology specialist at the BBC, a "technology lover and obsessed" with Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Roger Domingo, editorial director of Ediciones Deusto, Gestión 2000, Alienta Editorial and para Dummies (Grupo Planeta).

The conference will be completed with three workshops on “Cómo crear suspense en novelas y guiones cinematográficos”, “Beneficios de las herramientas IA para escritores” y “Activar la creatividad a través del mindfulness”. Registration for the workshops here.

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